NY based Pro-Gun-Rights groups out there?


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Like Ruger Lady, I too am sick of NY passing gun law after gun law.

Perhaps we are out numbered by the liberals in NYC, perhaps not. Either way, I haven't found much strength within NY for pressuring law makers to go in the other direction. Everyone I know, even those who carry, are either oblivious to the threats on their rights or feel like there's no point in fighting.

Does anyone know of any good pro-gun groups in NYS that focus on watching legislation and raising awareness when these bills come to life? I think there are a lot of New Yorkers who would write their representatives if they didn't also need to take the time to watch for troublesome bills, etc. Is there something like GOA specifically for NYS? (If there is not, I wonder how many New Yorkers are on this forum?) What are the resources available for getting notified when a troublesome bill is introduced?

New Yorkers need to stand up against the gun grabbing! The only way we can do that, is with a unified voice. Like HK4U said, they need to feel heat.

There are a couple.

SCOPE NY - Shooters' Committee on Political Education
SCOPE - Shooters' Committee On Political Education
-Not the best website, but a good group of folks. Email alerts are decent, a weekly radio show (and podcast) that is pretty entertaining, and a newsletter.

NYSRPA - New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
I am not a member of this and I don't know why. I have picked up there newsletter at gunshops and it appears they do a good job of keeping up to date and communicating with their members.

Hope that helps.

I sure do like SCOPE's mission statement!!

SCOPE'S Mission:
1. Inform members about antigun/gun owner legislation
2. Stop antigun/gun owner legislation in New York State
3. Educate the public on the positive aspects of firearm ownership, and their Second Amendment rights

Thanks Matt! I'll look more deeply into both groups.
rheaj, I feel just like you. I feel so alone. Like gun owners in NYS have just given up or just sit back and let the NRA do their fighting. Well it's not working. We as gun owners have to make our voices heard or we are going to lose our guns. I can see this day coming if something isn't done.
I've read bad things about NYSRPA - New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. Whether they are true or not I'm not sure. But I haven't read anything about SCOPE. I might check them out too.
Ruger Lady, what bad things have you heard about NYSRPA? I don't know anything about them.
(Now take in mind that you can't trust everything you read on the internet.) I read some posts on a forum, but I can't remember the name, they said that they don't do enough, if anything, to try and stop bad gun laws in NYS. They count on their members to do it. Now that's not word for word. Some of their members are really mad. I would like to talk to some members to see what they think of the organization. But I don't know any.

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