Nutrition thread! Cause why not!


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By the way, mods if this is too off-topic please let me know. I don't want to break any rules!

Anyway, I'm a big nutrition nerd I guess. But I find that it makes a big difference what I eat and how fit I feel. For any kind of survival scenario, I'd like my body to be prepared too... So here's my thing I've been trying that I wanted to share.

So it’s “seed oil” - basically I’ve been reading a ton about this and why are we all having so much trouble with diabetes and fat and all the rest of it? Apparently they never used to have these problems! What’s changed is now *everything* is cooked in vegetable oil (they call it seed oil, I’m not sure what the difference is from vegetable oil - same thing I think) - and the seed oil goes bad when it’s heated and it lodges in your body and pretty much “oxidizes” in there. And that basically makes all kinds of bad things happen and we gain weight and feel tired. I’m a big believer in this now and I feel like I have to spread the word to help people!

So it’s honestly super easy to get rid of seed oil

- I only cook with butter, coconut oil, or olive oil now - these are the GOOD oils.

- Snacks were hard to find at first cause EVERYTHING at the store is seed oil, but i kept looking and there’s actually a good version of just about everything. Like I found potato chips, here's the ones that don’t have seed oil i found. So what those chips mean to me is that You Can Do It! We don’t have to give up tasty snacks (i absolutely love potato chips) we just have to find the ones that are good and we will be fine! It is possible!

- I just have to be careful when I go out to eat. I try to order something close to nature, like a steak or salad (don’t get an oil-based dressing - it’s gonna be seed oil) - Either that or I get something that’s not too greasy, cause almost always that grease is seed oil.

OK! Wow that’s a big post. But I feel really strongly about this and I really want to help people. Hope I helped you or someone out there with this. Thanks for reading.


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So what do you guys like to do for nutrition? Could be for hiking, hunting, camping, whatever! Let's hear it!

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