Number Of Women Buying Handguns Increasing


God Bless Our Troops!!!
Local gun shop owners say they're seeing an increase in the number of women shoppers right now. The reasons, they say, are many, including the downturn in the economy and violence on the street.
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According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, about 48 percent of people taking their first handgun seminars this year happen to be women. CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports on the growing trend.

"It's very dangerous out there. I mean, there's people getting robbed here and there," said Josie Santiago. "It's just for protection."

Santiago says she's always thinking about the danger lurking on the streets of the Chicago area. It's a big reason why she visited Illinois Gun Works in Elmwood Park.

Not only did she shop for a new weapon, but she also wanted to find out about taking firearms training from the pros.

"It's better that you know how to use it," Santiago said. "You know, take the class, take the course, protect yourself."

And she's not alone. A National Shooting Sports Foundation survey found that the top two reasons women seek firearms training are for personal protection and target practice.

At Illinois Gun Works, the owners say they've seen a 40 percent increase recently in the numbers of women looking to take classes, and that the number of women coming in to purchase guns is rising, too.

"A lot more. We purchased this business seven years ago, and I've noticed the increase," said Debbie Mastrianni.

"It's not so much because they're scared. I think they just want to learn about it," said Don Mastrianni.

Josie Santiago says the lessons in personal security are something she wants to pass on to other women in her family, but she wants them to learn the responsibility of being behind the trigger as well.

"If it's in the wrong hands, you know, a lot of damage can be done," Santiago said.

Santiago is taking her interest in public safety a step further now. She's going for a degree in criminal justice and eventually would like to become a police officer.

Both Illinois Gun Works and the National Shooting Sports Foundation offer classes for first-timers.

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More women owning and shooting will always be good for 2nd Amendment rights.

I took one of the teachers I work with shooting last week. She's recently divorced (50s) and thought she might want a handgun for protection. She loved it, and will be buying herself a .38 revolver (her choice, I rarely recommend revolvers but it's what she preferred)

She went from someone who had antipathy for gun (from NY, NJ originally) to someone who thinks guns are fun; chalk up one more for our side. Now that she's becoming a gun owner her attitude to gun control will change--it's her own property they'll be talking about regulating, not some stranger's property.
It is good to know that citizens in general as well as women in particular are arming themselves. Here in Texas the applications for new CHL license has gone through the roof. Many are realizing that they are responsible for their own safety but having a Marxist in office that is hell bent on the destruction of our Republic I think is a major factor also.
A little off on the facts, this was on my local news a few nights ago , the actual increase in percentage is 48 .i think this is wife just bought her springfield xdm-9 about 6 weeks ago. she loves it.we took the safety class & everything.she is very confident.she is also real good with my .357 magnum with the 6" barrel
A little over a year ago, I noticed that over 50% of the people in line for a concealed weapons permit were women. I've seen some folks put a political spin on this, but I put the credit right where it's due. Around here we've had mass shootings, rapes, robberies, and insane people assaulting people more frequently than ever before. That is what is driving people to carry a weapon.

Overall, crime is down, but violent crime is actually up locally. People have taken notice and taken steps to protect themselves.
I think this is awesome. I personally know a few females who want to be able to protect themselves. They realize now that the government does not protect them. It is up to US to protect ourselves. The more people to join our community the better.

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