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This is a question for you NRA Certified Instructors. First a little background information. I teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course primarily to individuals or couples. I have never conducted large classes and don't advertise on a regular basis.

Over the years I have messed up the NRA Cerfiticate of Completion simply because of my own carelessness in using the template provided by NRA. They do not sell cerfiticates of completion to instructors as a separate item. Rather than just make my own certificate, I have ordered a complete additional student packet just to get another certificate. A student packet is currently $19.00, which includes shipping. So now I have several additional student packets, which contains everything except a certificate of completion.

Ok, so here is the question. Do any of you instructors just utilize your own template for a certificate of completion of NRA courses because of the same or similar factors; and if so, does NRA have a problem with this if you do all of the other reporting and documentation? I have a certificate which actually looks better than the one in the student packet and is more user friendly, but I don't want to be doing anything that is going to create problems for myself or the student.

Thanks, in advance for the feedback.


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I use the originals.

So what are you doing wrong on the certificates?

I usually use a blank copy and make them fill the blank first and then I doublecheck the info.

Then I write the correct information on the certificate.
it is like
measure twice cut once.


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You can have the certificates replaced if you contact the trainng department at the NRA. You will have to send the messed up ones back and it cost $1.50 each.
Turn around time is about 2 weeks.
By the way you can not copy the certificates without the NRA say so.
Hope this helps.


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When I say a "blank copy" it is mostly a form that I made, sorry about the confusion. Not a Copy of the NRAcertificate. Also, the NRA is specific about the "copy".

The do not want you to provide a photocopy to the student of an NRA Certificate.

I'm not providing a "copy" to the students. I'm using a form to get the correct information and then transfer the correct information to the Original NRA Certificate.
Next time I will be a little bit more clear. Sorry. did not want to rattle any one with my radical ideas.

But you are correct about the NRA providing a replacement for $1.50 + shipping.


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I made a template in Word of the info for the certificate. After a few tries, holding it up to the light against the certificate, I have it so I can run them through my printer. So I print the info on blank paper, have the students proof read for the spelling of their names, etc. When they approve, then I print the certificates. It doesn't take much time once you make the template.


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Use Microsoft Publisher and import the orginal from your scanner. Fill in the details using the program.

Save a copy for future use. You can really make a super nice Certificate with the program the way you want.

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