NRA Losing Political Clout?


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As long as we continue to have Presidential elections decided by a few hundred thousand votes here and there, the NRA will remain very powerful.


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The NRA and its colleague organizations are quite powerful even in a Democratic-controlled Congress, and they are likely to stay that way for quite some time. As an organization that more or less focuses on a single, tightly-bunched group of issues (guns, owning guns, gunmakers, carrying guns, use of guns, etc, etc), the NRA only has to concentrate on one area. The member base is enormous, and that means money. The NRA gives money to pro-gun candidates who are likely to win, and in that way, maintains influence.

Once I'm paid up to Life Member, I'm going to keep giving annually. It will pay off not only in terms of my constitutional right to bear arms, but one day, in my ability to protect the same right for all Americans.


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NRA and CCW's

NRA backed anti gun sheriff Bill Brown who was running for office here in Santa Barbara CA. NRA was contacted well in advance to the election and their putting out the orange post card flyer urging NRA members to vote for Bill Brown.Why?? I am but one of many people here who have been denided reneual of CCW permit.Eight year holder here in Goleta/Santa Barbara and $600.00 down the drain.Any body know why Brown was backed??

The War on Guns: Bill Brown: Still Elitist After All These Years

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