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I just received a copy of the DVD - Basics of Pistol Shooting by the NRA today and was wondering if any of you guys/gals are using it in your classes. I played it all the way through and it covers just about everything that's in the NRA PowerPoint. The DVD is well done with excellent graphics and sound. The illustrations are fantastic! I think it's going to be a great complement to my classes.

So you going to add another hour to the 8-10 hours that you teach for the course? DVD is no substitution you still have to teach the materials..
I looked it up and found it Link Removed. It looks to me like it's meant for people like myself, the user or trainee, to purchase for follow-up retention after a class. Or for other people, still like me, where our states don't require a mandated training class. Having this would be at least an introduction for some people.... or at least a refresher for others.

Personally, I think everyone should get some kind of training. I received my first training in the Army 23 years ago, and get annual training from the DOC. But think I'll look into picking this up just for viewing every now and then as a refresher...
I use it succedfully!!! When I'm done with the course, it serves as a great review, prior to the test!!! After the test we go to the range!! So far so good!!! It's a great training aid to use, and I highly recommend it!!!!
I use the power point all the way through, but will use different portions of the DVD as I feel are appropriate depending upon the circumstances. I just completed a Ladies Only class this weekend and used a couple of chapters that I felt explained the subject matter very clearly and straight to the point. I started the lesson with the objectives from the power point and then used the DVD for that particular chapter, followed by some brief detailed explanations on a couple of points, with a summary of the subject matter along with question and answers to make sure the students understood. Worked very well for that class.

I always re-evaluate my lessons and look for better ways to present the material after each class. In other words I learn from doing and the feedback I receive from students. Always trying to improve my presentations.

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