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Because of the lengthy post under "Tell a LEO you have a CCW." I thought I should post this twice to bring it to the top of a forum post.

Just for clarification on the actual law. Here is a post from the Grant Exton, Executive Director of the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association.

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Re: Poll: How do the police feel about CHL in your area?
Posted by: Grant Exton (IP Logged)
Date: September 06, 2007 03:32PM

It's great to see the participation on the forum...this was our intent...information disemination and communication within the CHL community.

A few points to add on this topic.
1. Remember, as of July 31st, ACT 419 was changed this past legislature to require CHL holders to present their CHL license and ID whenever ID is requested by law enforcement...not just when a law-enforcement officer specifically asks for your CHL license.

2. As the Executive Director of ARCCA, I interact with the ASP on a weekly basis and have been very pleased with their level of knowledge concerning concealed carry law. I believe most other local law-enforcement is not very familiar with CHL law for the very point that they don't have to be...they are very rarely dealing with CHL holders who are committing offenses...and this is the positive flip side of thier deficient knowledge level.

3. 87% of all violent crime is committed outside the home...the realm of the CHL holder, and very little occurs while you are inside your vehicle...if you are only carrying while in your vehicle, you are taking a big risk.

Take care, and much thanks for the selfless work our law enforcement members do for us every day.

Grant Exton
ARCCA, Executive Director

Notifying Officers Of Concealed Carry

There is a lengthy discussion on this topic on another website if you'd be interested in reading through it.

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