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I got my first wheel gun.I got no pics but I picked up a ruger super blackhawk at the gun show. can I affix a scope to it and what would be recommended?

Cooter beat me to one of the questions I had, So I have a Super Red Hawk and a Leupold 2x20mm on it. If I'd get a new scope I'd jump it up to least a 4x32ish or some sort of a varible. There is a Leupold 2.5-8x32, but you'll need to get your purse out. Weaver and Burris, both, have handgun scope lines. What ever scope you deside on, double check the "Eye Relief" on that scope for your pistol and your reach. Congrads on your new revolver. Don't forget... This site is all about pistol porn...
it's the new model. the thread title is such because I was looking for a redhawk and came across the super blackhawk for $375. nobody at the show had what I wanted so I picked this one up.
leupolds r no problem. I sell knives and my supplier carries the scopes. the 2.5-8X32 is almost as much as the gun. what's the range on the pistol? it has the 10 1/2" barrel.
Came With?

WOW! Nice price.... That maybe the same price, if not lower than I paid for my SRH back in '89...

So, Did that Pistol come with the Ruger Scope Rings?
How far will it shot? There are 20k hits on that in a search. I alway thought that the 44 fell off/bleed off after 150/200 yds. I have never tryed to reach out that far. I promised Festus I'd do the "Festus Challenge" this spring. We'll see!

Short of a good hard case/rug, What are you going to put that Blackhawk into? That will take quite a holster for a 10 1/2" scoped pistol! :biggrin:

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