Not OUR 2A but an interesting step


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Figures that as I get ready to leave this country something like this shows a little bit of human rights progress:

[26.12.2008 13:52]

Interior Ministry to allow Ukrainian citizens buying traumatic guns

From the beginning of 2009, Ukrainian citizens will be allowed to freely buy traumatic guns. Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko claimed this in an interview with 5 Kanal television.

In particular, Yuri Lutsenko specified he meant guns produced by “Fort” scientific-industrial enterprise (according to the company’s web-site, it produces 8 types of traumatic guns). The Minister noted that after one buys a gun it must be registered in the Interior Ministry’s system.

“I hope this issue will be legally settled”, Yuri Lutsenko claimed adding that the respective documents were prepared by the Ministry. According to the Interior Minister, all categories of Ukrainian citizens, “except for alcoholics and drug addicts”, will be allowed to buy guns.

The Minister also informed that the crime rate grew from 5 to 7 percents in Kyiv, Odessa, Donetsk, and Dnipropetrovsk during the year 2008.


No I have no idea what a "traumatic" gun is but will try to find out. Anyone here can purchase CO2 guns for carry as well as a 4mm weapon which fires a BB from a 4mm powder cartridge. This is sort of interesting in terms of a tiny step towards letting the people have some measure of personal defense options.


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I did a google search and a wikipedia search and came up empty handed as to the meaning of "traumatic" gun. Anyone know?


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I wonder what their meaning of an "alcoholic" is? having been to russia 9 times, Ukraine was not far from where I was and I know that 99.999 percent of people drink over there. drink a pretty good amount.


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Yes I wonder what the difference is between a traumatic gun and a non traumatic gun?


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I don't know what the media in Russia is like, but is it possible that the use of the term "traumatic" is wordplay meant for the hyperbole effect? I'm asking because after extensive searching on google and in a couple of encyclopedias, I still have come up empty handed. It seems to me that if it were really a legitimate term, I would have had no trouble finding it at all.


If a non-traumatic gun goes over to the dark side and becomes a traumatic gun, will it need help for PTSD?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)


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A google search for "trumatic gun" yields this:

New user from Siberia (Russia) - Page 4 - Texas Gun Talk

The famous weapon of self defence in Russia is traumatic gun. It's usual pistol, but it shoot rubber bullets. The power of this wunder waffe is 50-75 Joules. Very fun. Accuracy is absent. But traumatic gun is the best weapon of killer. No possibility to identificating rubber bullet. In case of head shot human is dead 100%. But if you hit any other part body of agressor perhaps agressor will f*ck you in the ass with your gun. I think you interesting why we can not get a usual bullets and defence self more thrustworthy weapon? Because design of traumatic gun consist the "teeth" inside barrel. It prevent shootin with metal bullet. If somebody smart will shot with metal bullet he will see his disintegrated hand on a walls.


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Could be the rubber gun euphemism. With the right permit you can buy an 8mm rubber bullet handgun here. No rifling in the barrel so limited effectiveness beyond 15-20 meters. Might sharpen up your marksmanship though. Bulky, loose clothing serves as body armor so he is right - you can kill someone up close with a dead-on headshot and the bullet is untraceable. Also note that they intend to maintain strict licensing records as to location. Still a step in the right direction.

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