Northampton County, PA no longer issuing Non-Resident LTC


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This may be old news for some, but it was brand new to me.
I have held a PA non-resident LTC (issued fron Northampton County)
for ten years. I am up for renewal again at the end of March. Before driving
the 2 hours or so from my home in Connecticut, I decided to call the S.O.
in Easton to touch base, make sure conditions were the same and that they
still issued to non-residents.
Well I was surprised to find that they no longer do.
The lady on the phone told me that they have not issued non-rez for a couple of
years, "since we got a new Sheriff and he decided to no longer issue..".
Needless to say, I'm looking around for another "border" county that issues to
us non PA folk, preferably plastic, not paper, lol. I would appreciate any input,
insights, direction from fellow cc'ers on this site. TIA, Cojo.

I thought all PA non-resident licenses required a visit for signature now. I think it requires a photo, too.
Thanks Jason.
Already resolved to go to Bucks.
It's closer to where I live in CT and
I already spoke to a deputy there.
Seems as simple and straightforward as
Northampton used to be.
Just need now to steal a few hours away
from my normal schedule.
I live in northampton county and did not know that. Thanks for the info tho. Glad u got it resoled. Sorry they made it a headache for you. Didnt know a sheriff with a bug up his @$$ could decide not to issue an out of state permit, i would have thought they were required to issue oos permit just as a resident permit. I believe PA is a "will issue" state to its residents. I have half a mind to look into the law on that one and complain to local govt
I live in northampton county. Didnt realize the sheriff was a d*ck like that. Sorry for the troubles man. Glad u got it sorted out tho. I didnt know that so thanks for the info anyway...

I guess this info may be a little out of date apparently.
"..Didnt realize the sheriff was a d*ck like that.."

I truly appreciate all the replies to this thread.
I just want to stress that what I know about Northampton came from one phone call I made to a woman at the Sheriff's Office. Originally I had no troubles in 2002 and none renewing in 2007; in and out in 30 - 45 minutes. They were actually appreciative for the business (I bought some Sheriff coffee mugs as well).
For all I know, this woman may be a Brady. Maybe I caught her on a bad day. Maybe she was just the cleaning lady. I don't know.
But it would not be worth it to me to drive all the way there knowing what I do..
Knowing to a certainty that these other counties will, in fact issue is more reasonable.
What I'm trying to say here is maybe some others can contact them as well to verify the info I received.

Going next Thursday morning to Doylestown, Bucks County. I'll post my results if anyone is interested.
Best to all..cojo
Would love to know how you make out. I sent my renewal in with a mailing address in Canada after speaking to the Sheriff, who had no problem with this. The state police would not give him a PICS number for the application so he called me to say he was sorry. Got the app back from the state police with a post-it note on it saying "We don't do Canada" - my mistake. I am an American and also have a US address. Should have put that address down although last time I renewed I had no issues with the Canadian address. Nor do the other half dozen states I hold permits from. Sic. The Sheriff was totally apologetic and seemed somewhat embarrassed.
cojo, I'm interested in your results from Bucks Co. I'm in South Carolina and will be in Bucks later this year..I was thinking of doing a app. while there in person. Any experience or tips to make it smoother would be appreciated.

OK, home from Bucks County with LTC in hand.
Long ride, much longer than Northampton or even Pikes for me but very pleasant experience.
Went with a buddy, made the better part of the day of it; Doylestown (county seat) Courthouse.
Took a bit over an hour at the S.O., 45 minutes of that was waiting, because I think they were in the act of "processing" some bad boys
before us and so we had to wait in the busy clerical area for that time. Then we went to "the little room". Pretty funny because they have 2 different cameras in the little room, one on the left says "permits", the one on the right says "booking". The young lady who took care of us, Michelle, was very pleasant and engaging.
She explained that they are overwhelmed with applicants these days and was also aware that Northampton stopped issuing to non-rez.
Anyway, a good experience and they immediately hand you the laminated card(inside a plastic sleeve, instead of drivers license type)
and you are out the door, $20, 25c to park for an hour.
Happy to answer any other questions.

Now info on Pikes County, FYI: Just for giggles I called the S.O. there to ask for information on non-rez.
The woman there, obviously had a bug up somewhere.

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