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I just received this from Grass Roots NC

GRNC Update 02-01-09:
Pro-Gun Rally Feb. 4 in Raleigh

GRNC has been contacted recently about a pro-gun rally being planned outside the state capital in Raleigh on Feb. 4. This is NOT a GRNC rally; however, we have been in contact with its organizer. In the interest of sharing information with our membership, we are enclosing information and the website where you may get full details. As does the organizer, GRNC wishes to remind any of our members who are able to participate to dress tastefully and represent your fellow gun owners in a manner that will present us in the most positive light.

Read here for full details:
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Details in short:
February 4, 2009
2:00 till 6:00pm.
Raleigh, North Carolina
W. Jones St, from Salisbury St to Wilmington St, facing the State Legislature.

From the website:

Our Message

We are law abiding citizens of North Carolina who have peaceably assembled to affirm our support for the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and to stop the bigotry and prejudice against gun owners.

Our purpose is to make everyone aware of their Constitutional Civil Right to own and use firearms for any lawful purpose under the Second Amendment. This is a right all sane and law abiding citizens have, whether or not it’s exercised.

Call them Civil Rights, Civil Liberties or Constitutional Rights - they are the same, and they are birth-rights of us all, that we have received from American patriots who came before us. If we don’t pass these rights on to our children - intact - these rights, birth-rights of ALL Americans, will die with us.

As American citizens , We have a responsibility to protect and preserve ALL of the rights, freedoms and protections guaranteed ALL Americans by the Bill of Rights and the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms means as much to tens of millions of gun owners as do other Civil Rights to other groups of people.

Rules of Engagement
In order to maintain compliance with applicable regulations, some "Rules of Engagement" will be in effect.

1 - Firearms: No firearms will be present, concealed or otherwise.
2 - Dress code: No paramilitary style clothing, no uniforms, no hunting gear. Dress normally. Remember that the media usually tries to portray pro-gun advocates as dangerous kooks. Dont give them anything to work with.
3 - Signage: Some signs will be made available, but you are welcome to bring your own. Keep them clean - you know what I mean. I have no intentions of having signs printed or manufactured. Hand made signs are more effective and personal. So the number of signs available will depend on how many I can personally make in the time available. I will have blank posters and markers/pens for anyone who wishes to make their sign on location. Verbage can be stern and blunt but not provocative. Again, remember the media will be looking for something to highlite on their reports that reinforce the bigotry against gun owners.
4 - Flags: American flags are always appropriate so bring them large and small. Gadsden flags are also appropriate. Do not bring any others. Do not bring any American flags that have been descecrated with symbols, words or imagery. American flags will be flown right-side-up.
5 - Press Spokesman We will have at least one designated press spokesman present. I ask that no one speak with media reporters but to refer them to the spokesman. Once again, dont give media the opportunity to use you and your words in a negative manner.

If you havn't already made plans to attend, it's time to start making those arrangements. You must know that your rights to own guns are under attack, now more than ever. The Congress in house now have already began submitting legislations that threaten your rights, The gun-control, gun-ban crowd is excited and elated with the knowledge that they now have a Congress and a president that is sympathetic to their cause of dis-arming the American people.

This is NOT mere rhetoric, this is not speculation - this is fact. Cold, hard, scary fact. They intend to disarm you and all like you.

Our era of apathy and complacency is over. Now is the short span of time in which we have the opportunity to preserve for future generations the joy of living in a free America. When the now socialist government succeeds in disarming the people by removing the Right to Bear Arms, all other Constitutional Rights will fall like dominos.

So there ya go,
Get ready. Make arrangments to attend.
Know that this is only one of many battles you will be required to fight - if you intend to preserve for your children the America you grew up in.

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