Non_Res Permit.


I recently applied for a Non-Res permit in Va. They do not require an in person appearance, they sent me a package of the needed forms.
I know Pa. no longer does mail applications, but I guess my question is, can I get the forms & fill them out & then go to Pa? Or do I go there to fill out the forms first?
I live in Mi. & I plan on going to Pa. next summer on vac.

Thank you for the link.
Still have questions about finger prints, training requirements, etc.
Not a whole lot of info concerning PA on this site.
I have a CPL in Mi., so I'm sure I would be good to go in PA. for a non-res permit.
Just don't want to make an extra trip there for nothing if I can get all my ducks in
a row before hand.
Thanks again for your help.
Pennsylvania does not require fingerprints, nor training certifications for a carry permit. The only problem I had was that the first time I went to my county sheriff, the state verification computer system was down. I just called before going there the second time and I was done in about 30 minutes and 32 dollars later. I am not sure if every county is "Non-resident permit friendly." There is probably a thread or two on that can help you with that information. I have heard that Centre county does a number of nonresident permits, but I know that would be an extra 2 or 3 hour drive for you.

Virginia requires a new set of fingerprints for every renewal, whereas Arizona and Utah do not.

I just looked at the usacarry map, and a Pennsylvania permit will not get you more states that you are already covered by with a Michigan permit. Granted, if you are looking to enhance your wallet or purse with cool looking permits, then by all means, come to Pennsylvania. I got a $20 New Hampshire permit for than reason, until I drove through Alabama and had it there this past summer as my Pennsylvania permit was not valid there! I think Michigan's permit is accepted in the most states of any carry permit. If you are looking for other state permits, then you can apply for nonresident permits for Maine and Connecticut. Both of which require fingerprints and proof of training, but I am pretty sure they both can both be done through the mail. Massachusetts and Oregon have nonresident permits, but I think you need to go there to apply for them and I have heard less than positive stories about getting a carry permit in liberal Massachusetts.
OR will only issue to non-residents that live in bordering states.

CT and ME will indeed issue thru the mail.

NH is now $100 for non-res.

PA is now $20...and I would agree with calling ahead. Some sheriffs, illegally, will not issue to unless you want to push the issue, which I would recommend if you could...
My Mi. permit is good for most places I will want to go. But I am paranoid about the FEDERAL PISTOL FREE SCHOOLS ZONES. That 1000' rule would apply to almost everywhere I went out of Mi. Does anyone have any concerns about this? I know it's a grey area while carrying & some have suggested I'm being anal about it.
My short answer to your question is no. I think there is a phrase or two in the Federal law that gives one's home state a certain amount of exemption, based on that specific state's laws. In a perfect world, we would not have such a contradictory law. I think if Federal authorities got to the point where they would be stopping all vehicles for weapons checks within 1000 feet of schools, we would be so "far down the road," tyranically speaking, that it would significant;y overshadow the injustices done by New Orleans Police back when they had the hurricane hit them.

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