Non Resident Permits and moving


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Quick question on non resident permits...

If you are a resident of one state let's say NC and get a non resident permit for let's say FL but shortly after you move to another the non resident permit still valid or does it hinge on you being a resident of where ever you applied for it from?

I can't speak for all states. but I have a utah non resident permit and I know that utah will issue a permit whether you have a resident permit elsewhere or not. and if I move to another state I just inform utah of my move. but that permit will still be valid. but as I said I can only speak for utah. I am sure someone else knows more about other states non resident permits.
Alright. I just wasn't sure if moving some how would make a permit VOID or something.

Thanks guys!
Obviously I can't speak of all states and their nonresident permits, but I'm pretty sure that all you'd have to do for the majority of them is to notify them of your move so that you can get a new permit that shows your new address.

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