Non Resident Permit States - how many ?


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Does anyone have a list of all states that issue non-resident concealed carry permits?

I know that VA, FL and UT do .... how many others are there?

I know off the top of my head that New Hampshire has a non-resident permit. Costs $20.00 and all you need is your current CCW License. Look in the NH Threads and you can find more info about it there...
Texas does but you have to come to Texas and take the CHL course from an instructor.
Looking for states that do not require a permit from your own state - since mine will not give them to "normal" people
The quickest out of state permit to get is PA. Look at Centre County in PA and the sheriff will issue in about a week or so. The cost is somewhere around $25.
I have to agree with Rabywk. I emailed a sheriff in PA (sorry I don't remember his name) and within a few hours he emailed my back with a link on their website with an application to fill out. I then realized it would not let me go anywhere my TN permit would not so I never filled it out. It was a simple application with about 3 character wittnesses. I may still have the info somewhere if anyone wants me to see if I can find it.

good luck.
Last I checked (couple of months ago) PA will not issue a non-resident permit unless you have one from your home state. In my state they are not really given out.
Actually now that you say that, it seems like you did have to include a copy of your home state permit. Sorry
NOPE!!!! I am from the Great State of Chicago and have one. They will not issue you a permit if you live in a state that has CCW and you do not possess a valid permit from that state.

I guess it is their way of ensuring residents meet their home state requirments.
Where do you hail from that places you in such dire straits?

I have an non-res PA CCW permit. Illinois will not trust anyone other than LEOs and elected officials to carry. So my PA is used when I go to states that trusts me.

As soon as the housing market picks up and I can sell my house, I will be moving across the river to MO....
Rabywk is right again.

Instructions for License to Carry Firearm Application

Completed and Signed Application must be accompanied by the following:

A photo copy of a license to carry a firearm (concealed carry permit) from your home state if that state has a concealed carry law.
A photo copy of your Driver's License.
A self addressed stamped envelope.
$26.00 fee for five year license and out of state processing. (Check/money order made out to Centre County Sheriff.)
Mail to:

Centre County Sheriff's Office
213 East High Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Special Note: Missouri is now considered an issuing State, therefore it is mandatory that Missouri residents obtain a license to carry from Missouri and include a photo copy with the application.

License to Carry Firearm Application [PDF]

Application requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing/printing.
Back to Sheriff's Office Main Page

Notice it says If that state has a concealed carry law.

Under the link I posted click on services. Select sheriff, then forms
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if that state has a concealed carry law...
Hmmm... Every State ahs a concealed carry law. New Jersey has one . . . Its ID card is a photo of Governor Corzine laughing hysterically and the words NO!! emblazoned across the face of it.

Some months ago New Jersey was soliciting for a new State slogan. My contributions were:

"New Jersey: Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here!"


"New Jersey: We Have the Best Government Money Can Buy!"
If you are trying to get your NH permit, be ready to wait over 2 months. I sent my application in back in August, and the check cleared shortly thereafter. I called the past two weeks and they have said that they are extremely backed up, and understaffed. Just be ready to wait for a long time...
I'm going to be the first person to actually attempt to answer the question posed at the beginning of the thread. The states that offer permits to nonresidents are: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, (only for nonresidents who have a place of employment in Indiana; otherwise, Indiana honors permits, both resident and nonresident, from every state and foreign country), Iowa (which is may issue), Maine, Maryland (which is may issue), Massachussetts (may issue), Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey (may issue), New Hampshire, Oregon (which only issues nonresident permits to residents of bordering states, which include Washington, California, and Idaho), Rhode Island (may issue), Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.
When I got my NH non resident permit it only took a week to get it. I guess everyone is getting one now.

SC has a Non Resident permit. You must own land in state and pay property tax on it to be eligible.
I just sent in my Pa. renewal to Centre county. For the price it is a good permit accepted in many states. According to it is good in 25 states.


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