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I was all set to fill out my application for a NH non resident permit however it appears there is not longer reciprocity with SC. I got the info from the State of NH web site. Did I miss something or has SC recently been excluded.

We've never had reciprocity with NH. Go ahead and send it in. Let us know how long it takes you to get it.
Mine took 15 weeks from the date I mailed it until I received it back. Seems the N.H. permitting office is very busy...
I was filling out the NH n-r application and noticed employer info. Are they going to contact my employer? References? Don't they realize it's concealed? The less people that know, the better. Just curious. And they're not getting my SSN.
GS, I think that's just SOP. I really don't think that they have time to call references or to verify a job with all the apps they are receiving.
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Red Hat, i think the same thing, just curious.

Is there a standard "statement" I should put in the reason I want to obtain this permit? I was going to write "to have reciprocity in Georgia, Miss., Alabama, Penn, and New Hamp to which I travel". Is that sufficient or should I say "for shooting and hunting purposes in NH" to make them think I'm going up there? What did you say, Red Hat?
GS, if you look on the second page of the instruction you'll see what they want.

A license to carry a loaded handgun may be issued for PROTECTION or ALL PROPER PURPOSES. One or more of these reasons must be noted on the application, in the space provided for reason(s) you make application to carry a pistol in New Hampshire.

I just put 'Protection' in mine.

They don't have time to check out the reference or who you work with so don't worry about that. I put down "For all legal purposes" as the reason and SC has never had reciprocity with NH. The NH permit is good in GA and a few other Southern states which is why you need to get it. Actually all NH cares about is your $20 becasue they figure few who apply are ever going to NH for them to worry with anyway. :pleasantry:

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