Non-resident FOID requirement?


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I apologize if this has been asked and answered, which I'm kinda surprised that it hasn't been, but I am a Virgina Resident with a Virginia Resident and Utah non-resident CCW. I am originally from Illinois and visit there occasionally, as such, I want to attempt the illiusive non-resident IL permit.

Do I need to get a FOID to attend the 8 hour class? I think I do, because I can't 'have/use' a handgun there without a FOID right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And if so, how do I get it.

If this has been asked and answered, please direct me.


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Non-residents are not required (nor allowed) to obtain a FOID card, with few exceptions (such as active duty military stationed in IL, for whom a FOID is optional). The FOID act exempts you from needing one. See 430 ILCS 65, Section 2(b):

Additionally, the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66) and the associated administrative rules do not require a FOID from non-residents to apply for a CCL. Makes sense... since you can't get one anyway.

I teach the class with a partner in the STL Metro East area (near Belleville). If you are interested send me a PM.

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