Non-Resident CCW License in OR?

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OK gang - I've checked with at least a half dozen counties' websites and NONE are issuing ANY non-resident CCW's. Does anyone know of an OR county that does?



Les Brers

Non-Resident Permits
Oregon will issue permits to people who are residents of states that border Oregon. Those states are Washington, California, Idaho and Nevada. A non resident from the states listed can go to any sheriff in Oregon and apply.

I recommend contacting the Sherriff’s Office before visiting to see if they will issue to Non Residents. Some will not. Check out the Application to see what is need and the interactive map from the Oregon Firearms Federation is very useful to find sheriffs and their procedures on applying for a permit to carry.

People are telling me that Non Residents must supply two references when they apply. Again do check with the Sheriff before applying.

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Thanks Blue. I know. So far, EVERY single county has noted on the website that you MUST be a RESIDENT in that particular county. We may need to update the information given out here. If OR does issue true NON RESIDENT CCW, we first have to find a county (in 2016) that is actually doing so.


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Clackamas and Multnomah will if you have business in the area.

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I forget the county name, but John Day Oregon will issue as long as you meet state requirements (Training and BGC)


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I forget the county name, but John Day Oregon will issue as long as you meet state requirements (Training and BGC)

The would be Grant county, but they suspended their non-resident permit, per this link. :sad:

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California, New Mexico, and Oregon are the troublesome western states that do not grant reciprocity.

The best thing is don't go there if you can avoid it.

If you can't avoid it then you need to lock your unloaded firearm in a metal box so that you don't have access to it outside of your hotel/motel room.

The outlaws in those states WILL have access to their guns however, and that's why these gun laws there don't work.


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Linn county does, but there extra hoops to jump thru, you find the ccw page and from there go to the FAQ page. Still possible


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I have a non-resident CCW out of Klamath County, I own property there. I had no issues at all, took the Oregon required class, showed proof of property ownership with Tax bills and utility bills, got it in the mail a month or so later.

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