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I have a CCL from Florida, but my home address (on the permit) is Arkansas. I got the FL permit because at the time it was cheaper, lasted longer, and was recognized in more states. Also, FL is my growing up state. My question goes out to y'all that may have a nonresident permit. Have you ever been hasseled because of the Nonresident issue? I know that the reciprocity map shows some states do not honor nonresident FL permits, so I don't carry in those states. Thanks for the response in advance.

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I have been unable, so far, to obtain an Oregon non-resident permit (CA CCW holder). Even though Oregon is a shall issue for resident and nonresident (adjacent states) I have not found a county sheriff that will issue. Hope you have good luck. I plan to carry, both weapon and state info, when I do carry in reciprocity states.
I did Florida for the reasons stated in my original text, but also because I didn't need to go through a CCL class. Florida accepted my DD-214 (20 years in the USMC) as evidence that I was trained to handle a firearm properly. In Arkansas I would have been required to go through a class. Anyway, thanks for your response.
Semper Fi. You shouldn't have a problem with your FL Non-Res permit. Just remember the laws of the state you are in apply.
I have a question skipb7564; What are the steps (in order) to get a Floridia CCP? I live in Ms and have one for Ms (and also know that Fl recognizes Ms), but more states recognize Fl than Ms. With both, I almost have the country covered.....ALMOST! I also have a copy of my DD214. Thanks,
Hunter, go here: How to Apply - Weapons - Division of Licensing, DOACS click the online request form for applications. Select the FOUR documents that pertain, Concealed Weapon or Firearm Application, Fingerprint Card- Concealed Weapon/Firearm, the "How to be licensed..." booklet, and the Q&A Pertaining to the Use of Deadly Force booklet. The application includes instructions and the Chapter of pertinent FL Statutes.
Wolfhunter gave you some good input. I especially like not having to take a class. My DD-214 was fine. They will also take other state's classes, and hunter safety classes.

Make sure that the state you live in, does not have a law like Arizona that states, if you are an Arizona resident then any non-resident permit you own is not valid. Link Removed (see 2a)

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