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Can anyone give me some information on Non Resident Carry Permits for West Virginia? My Father in Law was a long time resident of Richwood, he travels there often and would like to obtain a Carry Permit for WV. If anyone can help me get the information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for any and all assistances.

What is his state of residence? Perhaps WV honors their permit. Check out the interactive map on this site: Link Removed.
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Non Resident Permit

I reside in Delaware. WV does ot honor our permits. I am trying to find out from our AG if we meet the standards of WV for reciprocity. however in the mean time i am trying to find out if WV issues Non Resident Permits?

Hello Guys,

I am a resident of MD, who live 5 mins from WV, I have a friend who is a part time sherrif's deputy there, and hes also a full time FEMA officer who can carry nation wide. My father also works in WV, delivering Pharmaceutical's to Appilachia'n areas to people who cannot access them which makes him a target. So he does carry. We questioned my buddy about our VA non res permits having reprocity in WV. He said that the WV reciproty bill has expired at the end of July last summer, he said that legislators are currently working on fixing the bill and will be reinstated by the begining of summer. This even includes open carry which traditionally WV has always respected from every state. He told me that I should still open carry there, but the onlything that would alarm a policeman would be my MD tags on my car, he said that most officers dont even know that the bill expired so they wouldnt even mind. Just hang in there guys WV will be open to all again shortly.

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so would this be of any help to a SC resident? or only if I got an out of state Virginia lisc.?
They will not let me(SC) carry in WV.

Take heart that an agreement between SC and WV is being worked on now and should be announced shortly. One of the holdups is what is going to happen with H. 3212 but if it doesn't pass then this is next on the list for both states.

that would be nice. Sadly my first trip to WV will be in the next month or so...
I can carry all the way to the WV line.
I thought that unlicensed open carry is legal in WV. In that case, all you have to do is expose your weapon or put it on the seat, no? Then cover it up when you get to a state where your permit is honered.
I thought that unlicensed open carry is legal in WV. In that case, all you have to do is expose your weapon or put it on the seat, no? Then cover it up when you get to a state where your permit is honered.

aHHHHH!!! put it on your hip!
One week and I will be in WV .... shame I can't leagaly carry in WV ...
I wish SC would get its top out of it's bottom ....
I'm not sure how comfortable you would be doing it, but West Virginia does allow unlicensed open carry, both on foot and in vehicles. At least being able to carry openly is better than not being able to carry at all. Just be sure that you get yourself a retention belt holster for your weapon.
Hi Tatt,

I live 15 mins from WV, 10 mins from PA, and 20 mins from VA, and am an MD resident. I want you to read the article im posting from my local news paper, and everyone else as far as WV is concearned.

The Herald-Mail

"What protection do you need in a government process?" Roper asked.

Under West Virginia law, anyone can carry a gun if it is exposed, Roper said. Concealed weapons can be carried, but officials must approve of permits to have them.
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Hi Mopar!

If you didnt notice the visiting representitive in the article is from VA, not WVA. So ofcourse, I wear mine right on the hip while I visit in WV.

I would ask twenty more times and beg for it in writting... lol
Sad to say It sounds a bit risky ... any idea about the feel of the people in
the Cottageville WV Area?
I understand, But youve seen what just occurred at that meeting in the article. I wear mine everyday when I go to WV, as does my father who talks to wv troopers daily with his on his hip. I can assure you that you will be safe. Contact ther local law enforcemet agency and see what they say. The Law in WV is what it is, the only thing you cant do is conceal bud.

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