Non-resident / Active Duty Military?


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I apologize if the question's already been asked - I searched and didn't find it.

I am active duty Army and a non-NY resident but stationed here. I realize you need a permit to possess handguns in the state, and that they're only granted to NY residents. I have no desire (and it is not advantageous for financial reasons) for me to change my state of residency to NY. Is there an exemption, or a resource I can use to research this further?

Thanks much!


Just in case anyone has this problem in the future, they accepted a copy of my military ID and a copy of my orders bringing me to NY. Although they didn't like it, and there are several other issues that make application in this state difficult in particular for military members. Which is an unfortunate headache.

ie: they require references FROM the state of NY that have known me for 5 years. Yet I've been stationed here less than one year.

And that's that.
Contact For a small fee, they will confirm that you've lived in NY your whole life. :sarcastic:

On a serious note, how soon can you get transferred back to the US?

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