Non-Leather, "cruelty-free" holster?


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Hey all, I've got my (vegetarian) wife talked into carrying but I'm having trouble finding her a holster. Because she doesn't like anything made of leather, her only option seems to be kydex.... Anyone ever heard of other holster materials like canvas, etc?

Well, there's also Nylon holsters. And some specialized pieces of clothing that have cloth holsters built in.
Uncle Mike's uses a sort of neoprene material on the outside, and something slick on the inside so that the gun draws cleanly. They're better for small guns though.

There's a material called corfam that, if used in a thick sheet, is supposedly similar to leather in construction, so that might be an option if you want to make it yourself. It's unlikely you'll find many leather alternative holsters, as the demand really isn't there...the majority of CWP holders aren't also PETA members. I don't have any problem with vegetarianism (I'm almost there myself - but for health reasons), but that's just how the demographic breaks down.

One option - and I mean this in a totally constructive way - is to check with a group of folks that would be more likely to be pro-animal vegetarians while also carrying firearms. They may already have a solution worked out for this problem. The only group I can think of that would fall into this category would be Pink Pistols (check Wikipedia if you don't know what they are). They probably have a forum with at least one thread devoted to leather alternatives for holsters.

Just tell you wife in advance why you're going to that website. :laugh:
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A different style holster made of canvas is the Smartcarry. Actually real comfortable and conceals very well--doesn't mess with a ladies waistline like a holster worn on the waistband either inside or out. :) I like mine, I can carry my kid on my hip and carry my weapon comfortably at the same time.
I've been a vegetarian since the early 70's and pretty much vegan for the last 15 years or so. There are a few companies that make fairly decent nylon holsters such as Mikes and Ames. The nylon fanny packs are good too for some occasions. I don't like the Kydex holsters--I have a few and they just don't feel comfortable to me.
Unfortunately the AR and vegetarian folks are not always the most pro gun type ( I'm working on that LOL) so for a cruelty free company to start designing holsters may take awhile.
Just like with shoes though--I've had to make some concessions. I used to buy cheap non leather shoes and since my job is very physical I would tear them up in a month or 2. Big 5 Sporting Goods has leather boots for less than what I paid for the non leather shoes and they last longer so now I wear leather boots.
I have a lot of non leather holsters but a couple years ago I found that I really like paddle holsters so I did break down and got 3 leather paddle holsters and my shoulder rig does have some leather trim on it.
We live in such a meat based culture that it can be difficult to avoid all animal products. Even car tires contain animal fat and camera film contains gelatin.
Each individual must follow their own conscience however. There are quite a few non leather holsters out there but the real quality ones tend to be leather.
Good luck and kudos to your wife and I hope she can find a holster that she's comfortable with
My decision when it comes to self defense is--I would rather be a live vegan with a good leather holster than a dead vegan who couldn't draw efficiently do to an inferior non leather alternative
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wow thanks for all the ideas everybody! she's tried the uncle mike's nylon but says they don't feel right, kind of thin, etc. murph can you point me towards Ames holsters? google didn't come up with anything...
Sorry-- I looked at the package and it's AMS not AMES---duh
Ams holsters are made in Longmont Colo so they may just supply them locally. I did find a number for them on the package. 800-368-4267. Since it's toll free--they will probably ship one.
What is she planning to carry? I've accumated quite a few holsters and if I know what she is gonna carry I may be able to come up with a brand and model. My Ams is for my XD9sc and it's ambidexterous and has a mag pouch on it too
she's got her own j-frame and sometimes lugs around my glock 26, so anything for either of those ... i guess i never mentioned that she's looking for something IWB.
I have not found an IWB that is comfortable for me leather or not so I can't help you there.
I guess you just have to keep looking until you find something that works. I know that one of these days I'm gonna have to have a holster sale or something because I've got quite a few that I thought I liked until I wore them for awhile.:icon_mrgreen:
I don't understand ,your wife is not going to eat it . Plastic is made from once living things like us .Carry a gun for protection from only man or dogs cats big scary things . Killing is not good just nessary sometimes. Vegatairans taste good too.
Hummm... Safariland had some holsters that were not leather but looked like it. I don't know if they still us whatever material it was.
you're right, safariland makes a lot of their duty gear out of synthetic materials.... can't really tell on their concealment line though. good idea, thanks.

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