Nobama: A Domestic Threat to Freedom?


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does anyone else think that Nobama is a domestic threat to our freedoms??? specifically i talk about 2A... depriving us from the freedom to enjoy the safety and security to keep and bear arms makes me raise an eyebrow in my life...

the Constitution doesn't make any limits to types, designs, or functions or arms to be kept by the people, why are we deprived of all this???

i admit i'm new to the whole political scene but not being as old as some, i find my 3 GOD GIVEN RIGHTS threatened... LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS...

LIFE - taking away my guns leaves me unable to defend myself
LIBERTY - taking away my guns leaves me from defending my freedom if, God forbid, such a thing would happen that i would need to
PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - i find it enjoyable to be able to go sport shooting and hunt with my firearms

anybody else feel the same way?

to clear things up, why i feel this way is i own an AR15 and a 1911, one semi-auto "assault weapon" and the other a semi-auto handgun... both of which are threatened by Nobama's radical left wing look at the US of A...


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There are MANY of us here wo feel the same way bro. Just read through the threads. There are some that have some good information on some things to do to help support and fight for our 2A rights.

I have just finished uploading a site I built for that specfic purpose. Link Removed

Take a look. It's got some good info on how gun control laws are detremental to our society. The site is meant as a way to get this information out and have it all (or as much of it as possible) linked in one place. If you have or find any that would benefit our cause, feel free to let me know about it!

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