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OK, so over thirty years ago I was charged and convicted of simple possession of marijuana on a Federal level, no State charges were ever filed. The only conviction was a misdemeanor possession of marijuana by the FBI. The question I have is the Ohio law states specific Ohio codes and I know that none of them are involved. Can I apply and receive a CCW in Ohio?

You should be able to, their laws are similar to Michigans, as far as I remember, if you were never conviceted of a Felony then you should be good to go. But then again, I dont know what their applications ask, so, go for it, worst that can happen is they deny it, you appeal it, and they give it to you anyways.
No. In fact, under Ohio law, you may not possess firearms at all.

Ohio Rev. Code § 2923.13(A)(3) prohibits the possession of firearms by any person who "has been convicted of any offense involving the illegal possession, use, sale, administration, distribution, or trafficking in any drug of abuse[.]" However, you may obtain relief from disability--and then be able to both possess firearms and apply for a CHL--by petitioning your local court of common pleas for relief from disability pursuant to Ohio Rev. Code § 2923.14.

This year, the Ohio Senate passed Link Removed, which would have eliminated the state firearm disability for misdemeanor drug offenses, but outgoing House Speaker Armond Budish failed to schedule a vote on the bill after the House of Representatives took the extraordinary step of discharging the bill from committee. Look for a similar bill to pass next year once the Republicans take control of the House.

Your choices are to either petition your court of common pleas for relief from disability or wait for the General Assembly to pass a bill to eliminate the state firearms disability for misdemeanor drug offenses.

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