No Progress On New Concealed Handgun Reciprocity Agreements - Contact AG


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Since October 1, 2007, Attorney General Darrell McGraw has not signed a new concealed handgun license reciprocity agreement. West Virginia presently has reciprocity agreements with 11 states, allowing residents of those states who have licenses issued by those states to legally carry concealed handguns in West Virginia and allowing West Virginia residents with West Virginia licenses to carry in those states. Many of these agreements were the product of our efforts—making the phone calls and sending the e-mails that prompted AG McGraw and the appropriate agencies in other states to act.

According to our research, there are 11 states that are currently eligible under our existing reciprocity law to establish reciprocity with us. If agreements were signed with all these states, this would double the number of reciprocity agreements to 22.

Although the 2008 legislative session is around the corner and one of our top priorities will be replacing the current reciprocity law with a “universal recognition” law that generally recognizes all other states’ licenses/permits without the requirement of a formal agreement, which will in turn result in many more states recognizing West Virginia licenses, we cannot forget about the need to make the existing law work better now. More information about the upcoming legislative session is below.

Action Item:

Call Attorney General Darrell McGraw’s office between 8:30 A.M. and 5 P.M. at 304-558-2021 and leave your name, phone number, and a message that you want AG McGraw to finish the process of implementing the new reciprocity law by signing agreements with the 11 states that are presently eligible for reciprocity but which are waiting for him to act. Some of these states have universal recognition laws that already recognize West Virginia licenses despite our failure to recognize theirs.
Source: WVCDL

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