NO longer required by law to inform LEO if you are carrying in Texas.

HUGE difference. If I choose not to buy anything Toyota, I have other options, or I can ride a bicycle, walk, etc. I don't have such direct choices in the areas of law. That, and a government LEO is required to adhere to the law and not infringe on my rights. If s/he does, s/he has the potential of having charges placed against him/her.

My rights and liberties are paramount. I'm not going to simply roll over and do what a LEO would like just because s/he would like it. To do so is to voluntarily give up those rights we still have.

Laugh if you want, present your papers if you so choose. I'd rather hold the duty each one of us has to stand up to those in power and retain our liberties.

Actually there are approximately 195 countries in the world so you can leave the US any time you want to just like you don't have to buy Toyota.

I always keep my hands on the wheel. I then inform the officer that i have a CC permit. I always keep my hands where they can see them, I tell them when I'm reaching for my wallet etc. But i always keep my hands where they can be seen. I have never had a problem doing it that way.
My logic

I fail to understand the logic in not presenting, even if not asked. LEOs are jumpy on traffic stops because so many of them are killed during the apparently routine stops they process. If I can make the LEO more comfortable - especially if I'm carrying at the time, you can bet your anal pore that I will volunteer the info.

I have to put myself in their place, I would like to be informed and would probably cut some slack for those who are considerate enough to do so.
I sure do not get this I'm not telling them (LEO's) anthing I don't have to stuff. I live is a very rual part of SoCal. Miles and miles of wide open empty spaces. Local Sheriffs and CHP patrol these areas usually alone, and sometime 2 in a car, with help a long long way off. The last thing in the world I want to do is put these guys and gals at further risk. Sure, you may have to wait a while for recoed checks and such to take place, but that is a lot better than staring down two barrels, one a minimum of 40 cal and the other most likely 12ga after they spot what appears to be a GUN you didn't tell them about.

What the heck is wrong with, "Officer I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and I am carrying that weapon concealed. What would you lie me to do?"

Think about it. Really. You have not given up any rights. You have helped defuse a possible bad situation. And remember, YOU are the one that is going to be looking into those big open holes.

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