no cncealed weapons signs


i live in south carolina ad have a cwp. my question is: the malls in my town do not comply with the state law, referring to SC code of laws title 23, chapter 31 section 23-31-235. On line 20 in small print is a statement that says n conceale weapons alowed. Does anybody have and opinion on whether you can carry in the mall or not. When i aske SLED they really didnt know and left it in limbo the rub seems to be the LEO's an their interpretation,which can become a very costly if you need a lawyer to prove you are in the right. Anybody with an answer please let me know.

In Minnesota the law specifies a sign of size and type stating no firearms allowed. However, if you violate it, you can only be asked to leave the establishment. If you refuse, you can get a $25 petty misdemeanor ticket.

The law also prevents landlords from banning weapons. So, in a mall, the individual stores could do it but the sign at the entrance to the mall is worthless.

I carry all the time. The Mall of America is at the other end of a light rail line from Minneapolis, and there have been gang bangers shooting each other there.
Which mall are you talking about? I know in Greenville the Haywood mall has a small line on the rules by the door that says no concealed weapons allowed. I carry there all the time because the sign is not legal. Bottom line is if they don't comply with the Sign requirements then all they can do is ask you to leave. SC law states that the signs MUST be a specific size color and location. If it doesn't meet the requirement then it's not a legal sign.
It boils down to that to be charged you must be notified that you are tresspassing at the mall by carrying a gun.

If the signs meet the legal requirement the that meets the requirements that you have been notified and can be immediately charged without any additional notification. If the signs do not meet the requirements then you have not been notified and they must ask you to leave. If you do not leave you can be charged but if you leave when asked then you can't.

Tresspassing canonly be enforced after you have been notified. The signs meet that requirement.
no signs

My wife and I carried concealed in Northwoods yesterday. Our first time there - I didn't notice any signage. Walking through the mall we discussed that if we were not carrying - we would not be there. Lots of creepy youth with lots big gold chains and hats on sideways. We got what we came for and left quickly.
In TN the wordage has to be pretty specific. It has to to be worded pretty much word for word as the law says. If it's not, it's not valid. The mall can still ask you to leave, but if it's not properly posted, you aren't breaking any laws. That said, if you're really worried about this particular mall, just make sure you conceal it well and no one will ever know you are carrying anyway.
there are no signs as prescribed by law. on the sign at the entrance a;ong with everything else line 20 says no concealed weapons, which does not comply with the law. i agree there are a bunch of unsavory folks at both malls and a lot of drug traffic which the police apparently chose to ignore.

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