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I find this a little interesting. Madison County Sheriff's Dept provides a link to check on the status of an applicants Pistol Permit. I submitted my application nearly 3 weeks ago and thought that I might take a chance to see if it had been processed yet, since they have changed the time to approve/disapprove permits from 15-30 days, and what quite surprised but what the site informed me of. After entering the required information on the page I hit the button that says s"check status" it brought up a message that stated "no application found for (my name), Please call 256-532-3731 for assistance.
So that got me to thinking, are they simply not taking action on the application and allowing the 30-day cut off to run out? Or are they simply waiting until the last possible minute to process the application?

I find it kinda interesting given that there is a lot of dissent on this matter within my county. So, what are your thoughts on this subject or is there something that I am not aware of as far as the status of the application process?

I have provided the link to the sheriff's site just in case any of you are applicants or have experienced any thing like this for yourselves.
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It could like obummercare sites and just was not set up properly or that the staff just does not have time to update the site. Good luck and hope it is just a glitch!
First of all, I find the Web domain already hilarious: Second, assuming that your application was submitted in paper form, there would be an eternally employed government official that enters your paper application into the electronic tracking system. Depending on the workload and vacation schedule of that person, this may even happen after your approval. Third, may be you want to call 256-532-3731 for assistance?

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