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Is there any kind of organization that NM residents can join that will allow us to speak with one voice for an organized effort to make the much needed reforms to our CC laws? e.g. Only one concealed gun at a time, no CCW's in state parks, two year refresher, etc...

I also would like a club here in NM. The NRA is awesome on a national level and will help in each state- but to my knowledge the NRA hasn't said anything about any of the firearm legislation pending in NM.

Firearm Legislation:
HB 105 allowing firearms in more types of liquor establishments.
SB 507 removing the refresher course from law (no more refresher every 2 years)
HB 701 basically the castle law.

I think it's pretty imparative that we form a club here as many don't know how the process works, I'm no expert but I have a fair understanding and would be willing to put in some capital and lay some ground work (i've started and currently own a business) if anyone is interested please E-mail me Landavazoaj AT Yahoo or just reply here on the forum.

Just to give you guys some updates:

HB 105 (Law that would allow carry in more liquor establishments) passed the Business and Industry committee with 11 for 0 against and 1 "excused". It now must pass the judiciary commitee, but since they passed the castle law I think it will go through.

SB 507 the bill that removes the 2 year refresher course for CCW applicants has passed the senate with 31 for 9 opposed. This bill is currently pending a vote from the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. You can write members of the committe- you can also Call, or E-mail them.

HB 701 the castle law has not been voted on and is stuck in the House Judicary Committee
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