NJCSD/Second Amendment March Bus Trip to Washington DC April 19th 2010


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Hello New Jersey Gun owners,

NJCSD is taking bus reservations for the Second Amendment March on April 19th 2010 from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

We will have three locations in which you can board a bus.They are,Rockaway Mall, Quaker Bridge Mall and the Deptford Mall.

This route allows us to cover,North,Central, and the Southern regions.

This will be a historic event that all New Jersey gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment should attend.

Please follow this link to register:(Uppper Right Hand Corner) Second Amendment March Bus Trip

[email protected]

Gadsden flags encouraged:shout:

Fellow NJ Gun Owners,

This is just a friendly reminder that the NJCSD bus trip to the Second Amendment March on 4/19 is coming up on a deadline. There are still seats available. Be part of this history-making event. Don’t wait around to SEE what happens, be the one to MAKE it happen!

If there are not enough tickets sold, the trip will cancel and all money collected will be refunded. We need everyone to book as early as possible so we can arrange a 2nd or 3rd bus if need be. The cost is only $55 for a cruise down to DC in comfort on a custom bus with DVD players. Three stops in NJ at Rockaway, Quaker Bridge and Deptford assure that you’ll have easy access to a departure point.

Please don’t delay. Your rights are slipping away right before your eyes, and this is a chance to do something about it. With the McDonald decision being argued at the Supreme Court, this is the single best opportunity to show our government that you’re serious about your rights!

For more information, go to: Second Amendment March

To book your seat go to: Welcome to the NJCSD (look to the right side menu)

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