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I just got this email from NJCSD, thought it was a pretty good read and wanted to share it.

Dear friends of the NJCSD,

As the sun sets on the first day after our election, I'd like to share some thoughts.

Last night America saw history made. All the biting allegations of racism were left behind. Our skeletons in the closet are purged. We saw once again that Americans can, individually, make a difference when they're properly motivated and mobilized. Ask any one of the hundreds of thousands who showed up to Obama's victory speech.

Change happened. However this change is not necessarily one for the better. Many of you are concerned for the future and justifiably have a sense of foreboding that the Obama administration will not be a friend to Liberty. On that point, I think we can all agree.

Likewise, many of you are wondering how it is that we got here. You may be wondering how we've fallen so far from grace with regard to the First Principles of Liberty that we elected a Marxist as President.

The answer is simple.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

It's simple, really. None of us really want liberty badly enough to DO something about securing it. Seemingly, there's not a single Patriot left willing to fight. Yes, I well know that many of you are ready to pick up a rifle to defend freedom, but it seems that picking up a telephone or dropping off flyers is out of the question.

Case in point, last week, we sent out an Email asking for volunteers in each of the 40 legislative districts to step forward and do just a bit of work to help gather information.

Only one of you responded.

That's right.

One. Out of 400 some-odd registered users of the NJCSD bulletin board who received the Email the other week, only ONE person has stepped forward to volunteer even just an hour or two a month to help the cause. That comes out to 1/400th - less than 1% (.0025% specifically) of our total population.

We are, often, our own worst enemy.

So while the whining and bellyaching and gnashing of teeth goes on about how 'extreme' our new President is, and how we're about to lose our freedom, that bellyaching is done from the comfort and convenience of our armchairs. While we may mock those who voted for Obama and question their motivations and beliefs, it would be idiotic of us to question the result. Obviously they believed harder than we did. They believed, and they acted.

This message is aimed at every one of us who is waiting for something to happen, perhaps because we were waiting for someone else to do it.

Here's a hint.

You ARE the "someone else".

If you don't do it, who will? It's as though I asked each of you to give up a kidney. Well, guess what. Obama will be asking for more than that by the time he's done - and with the might and force of our government, getting it.

It's time for each of us to examine our personal strategy for growing liberty for the failure that it clearly is. If we dislike the direction the state and country are going in, perhaps it's because we've not made liberty our PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to do do anything about it.

Just signing up to an organization like NRA or NJCSD isn't enough any more. It's only a starting point in your long term relationship with freedom. It's a simple financial commitment to help fund the construct for other efforts that must be put forth. A one-year lease payment on the future. What you do with that year is up to you.

Clearly we like the idea of freedom, but seemingly not the work of sustaining it. So, it can truly be said that as of now ,we've gotten the government we deserve.

However, here comes the good news. It's not too late. Looking back in time, the incompetence of the Carter administration primed the nation for Reagan. It could be argued that in three years from now, the devastation done to our country will be so extreme that Americans will be clamoring for another 'change', just as we saw after the Carter administration. There is still HOPE for us.

I am once again calling on each and every one of you to make a CHANGE. I want you to make Liberty YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I am asking you to set aside at least an hour a month to do something - ANYTHING - for the sake of returning this country and state back to it's roots.

Think about that for a moment. Most of us waste far more time every day than just an hour. There's nobody out there that can't find an hour or two per month to do something. But the typical excuse is that we're just "too busy" with work, family or social commitments. One of our members very rightly pointed out that there are excuses, and there are reasons. There's no rational reason why each of us can't find sixty minutes for liberty.

If any of you out there have taken a professional time management course like DayTimers or Franklin/Covey, you know that truly successful people manage their time by assessing their life priorities. It's time for each of us to ask what we want this world to be, what kind of world we want to leave for our children, and align our schedules to allocate the time and apply enough personal discipline to get there.

If you're not able to recognize that you must sacrifice some time now so that your children and family can have liberty later, then our cause is truly lost.

We each can make that change, just like Obama voters did last night. And if we don't make that change our personal responsibility, the change in our pockets is all we'll have left.

Yes, change can happen AGAIN, if we have UNITY enough to pull together. But to be effective, it has to be 100% of us, not 1/400th. Our Constitution says 'We, the People", not "We, the less-than-one-percent".

Commit yourself to liberty in your lifetime. Because if you don't, your children will be committed to spend a lifetime without it.

"... Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice."
-- Barry Goldwater

If this message resonates, and you want to get involved, please contact Joe Ficalora at: [email protected] to discuss how you can make a difference.

Yours in Liberty,
Robert Kreisler
And the NJCSD Management Team

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