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As some of you know we had been talking about getting involved with the New Hampshire State run sponsor a highway program. I was the one leading the effort to get it up and going and have it a road block. The district Accesss spuervisor in my area ( he is the one that gives the ok and not ok) Said the state would not be able to let us have the sign we wanted. The USAcarry.com as it would look like the was sponsoring the group and what it stands for. He said he would have to call the main office down in Concord NH and see what they say but it was looking like a no. So not wanting to wait on him to get around to calling i found the web page for the NH DOT and started calling all the numbers listed. I talked to every department who passed me from one to another. Till i got to one called the traffic Divison ( or something, They are the ones that make the signs for all the roads and would be making our sign) I talked with the lady for 30 mins and she said they have no porblem with it but they cant say yes or no as they just make the signs. But she said they did have a problem a while back with .coms. So i said it's not about the .com and we are open to changing it to NH friends of Usacarry association or just Usacarry association. She said she did not see a porblem with that and it should be fine but she cant say yes or no. She went on to say that any person who knows how to use a computer and search bar can get on the internet and type in the name of the group and find out about it and it's web page. I was like wow your great thanks for the help. I then had to call my Area DOT guy back again. Told him about what i talked about with the main dot departments and so on. I then went on to say we are willing to change it from a .com to association and willing to work with them. He went on to say what he said before. This is when i jumped in and said thats nuts 5 miles from my house you have a sign for this program that says ( this highway is sponsored by "THE STUDENT CINSERVATION ASSOCIATION" he was like yeah but thats not the same. Here we are talking about guns and so on. I said thats nuts and we talked for a few more mins and he said he would call the HQ and get the yes or no. Now he said he was a member of the fish and game so i don't think he is a anti. So we shall see what happens when i call back today ( called like two to three weeks ago) so it's time to call him.

Here is the E-mail i got back.

Hi Mr. O'Connell,

I did contact our Concord office and they came to the same conclusion that I did. We cannot allow the sign that you desire, NH Supporters of USACarry.com. The regulations state that it must be non partisan. We have had political groups in the past and they also were not allowed to have a sign that is for any political party as well.
I'm sorry that I could not give you a more favorable response.

It' total BS.. As i said it did not have to be a .com name to him many of times. I heared from them that .com names have been trouble in the past so i said i was open to changing it to Usacarry association. But yet he said nothing about that in the e-mail. Here is what the rules say. Tru 308.04 Applications: Part D: The district enginneer shall deny any application if the applicant is a groups whose primary purpose is support of opposing political candidates or working towards the passage or non passage of a specific pices of legislation,or advocting for or against a specific public policy agenda.

Usacarry is none of those things. Usacarry does not support, political candidates, It does not support or any legislation or is it advocating aganist any legislation.

people see the word carry and think GUNS so we must be support the NRA and people in office and we must be supporting the Laws. But they are wrong usacarry is just a site for Pro Carry and Pro Life and Pro second A people to come and talk. Each of us as a person supports things. But not the site and not the name USACARRY. But yet they let the STUDENT CINSERVATION ASSOCIATION" do the program and they do support all the things you cant support.

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