Newbie with a question regarding concealed carry training classes in PA


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This is my first day on here and I am looking forward to becoming more involved / better equipped to handle my side arm.
That being said, does anyone know of any concealed carry training courses that are available in PA? I checked into the PSP website regarding the "ACT 235" Lethal Weapons Training course; I am just not certain that this course will be helpful as concealed carry training.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum. I am not from your area, but from what I read about "ACT 235" Lethal Weapons Training is that this is meant for the training and licensing of watch guards, protective patrolmen, detectives and criminal investigators. If that is your career choice, go ahead.

What is your current level of training and what is your expectation from the training class you seek? Many gun ranges offer a variety of defensive firearms courses.
Go to
They are the largest ccw training company in the nation. They teach all over PA. I have taken two of their courses in UT and I recommend them highly. Many of their instructors are practicing lawyers so they offer a unique perspective. They publish a book yearly with gun laws from all fifty states and a lot of other helpful information. They also have a smart phone app that is updated constantly that no one should go without. I think they can get you what you need.
I have been shooting for over 35 years. to say that I have a LOT of experience handling side-arms would be an overstatement. I have a Python .357mag, and I carry a SR9 full size. I can hold my own in defending myself, but I want to become proficient and extremely comfortable with my weapons. I thought that a CC class would be a great way to gain some real practical training. I am looking for a "nut & bolts" course, no BS, but everything useful and very practical. Thank you for your welcome and help!
The best way for a civilian to familiarize himself with the ins and outs of concealed carry, and get some realistic close quarter handgun experience is to locate one of the IDPA, or USPSA shooting associations in your area. Pennsylvania is a big state; so you're going to have to canvas your own local area for the 'right' club.

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