Newbie to ccw. What to carry?


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You might look into the CZ-2075 RAMI, they are nice and compact and the design reduces recoil quite a bit from most handguns the same size. They start at about $450 depending on where you shop.


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Hi all - a slight piggyback question from a very new member here. I am taking my certification course this weekend and will be shooting a variety of handgun options. Would a revolver be a good initial carry option for the average guy? What caliber should I be looking for or is this an "underwear" question. Apologies if it seems basic.

Shoot as many as you can and go from there.The one you are most comfortable with and can easily conceal is your choice , and if you are like the rest of us you will buy another one anyway.


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i own a Kahr PM9 and love it. i feel 9mm is plenty of stopping power, and it's small enough that i carry it all the time, comfortably. dress clothes r really the only hindering factor to concealment, in which case i pack a little .380. recoil is very minimal for its size, and it's quite accurate at personal protection distances. i've talked to guys who've put over 30,000 rounds thru theirs with no wearing out yet, and i've shot nearly every type of ammo out there out of mine with no malfunctions.

I just picked up the CM9 - same size as the PM but cheaper. Flawless through 170 rounds so far:biggrin:

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First of all, Glock. You'll never have to make a modification, and they are 100% reliable and safe right out of the box. That having been said, choose the largest diameter, most powerful load you can shoot accurately, and the largest frame size (i.e., higher capacity) you can effectively conceal and are willing to wear. Good luck!

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I also carry a Sigma 9 as my primary. Yea, I agree about it being bulky. I have been harassing the wife to let me get another, smaller, pistol for my primary weapon. Even if I did, I would still keep the Sigma. I like it.

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I too have small hands. Had a 30 and did not feel like I had the control I was comfortable with. I traded the 30 for a 36. Fits much better. I also have a 26. The two are almost the same size. 36 is slightly narrower than 26, 36 is about .5" longer and taller.


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I think you have some very good advice here. What someone else shoots has no bearing on what you will shoot. The best we can do is tell what we carry to give you a place to start.

I have several CCG that I carry, depending on my attire, and the weather. I would say my CCG are within an inch of one another in size. Most of the time I carry a Kahr PM9. Very reliable, and adaptable. Can be pocket carried, or holster carried. Next would be my S&W 640 357/38. 38's work nice, smooth shape make it very comfy to carry, 357's very harsh. Kahr P380, very light, excellent pocket gun, carry 102gr remington golden sabers, slightly less powerful than 38 but dependable and easy to place rounds where they need to be. My 2 Glocks, 26 and 36 I don't carry much, because of size. I prefer to sacrifice 3 or less rounds for comfort. As someone stated earlier the gun is the easy choice, the holster is the hard part. I think I could safely say most of us have spent more on holsters than our gun. The main thing to consider is comfort, in gun and holster. If it is not comfortable you will tend to not carry. That being said a comfy 22 in your pocket is better than an uncomfy 45 at home. Good luck.

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It's all your personal preference rather it be a .22,.380,9mm,.40s&w,.357mag,or a .45 auto and larger. Try not to fall into the catagory of the 1 shot stopper, anyone will tell you if and when you have to use LETHAL FORCE, you keep shooting the target untill the threat is neutralized. Personly, I feel the .357 is the best all around depending on your platform. It give you the choice of shooting .38spl+p & 9mm(RUGER BLACKHAWK)for plinking, and the MAG's when yah want to get down and nasty. Bottom Line is use what your most confortable with and your good to go.


I almost always carry colt combat commander 45, winter summer carry what you are confortable with and practice, practice, practice.


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I have been a glock guy for years, I recently bought a Ruger SR9c. best firearm I own. even my friend admits to liking the trigger better than his XDM 9mm. Got it from for $402. Check out some youtube videos of Hickock 45, his reviews are pretty decent.

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Opps, forgot to post what I carry. Smith & Wesson M&P 45, Ruger 22/45 MKIII. Saving a few ducks for a 357, not sure if I'm a go with the 7 or 8 shot with a 3 or 4 inch barrel.


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I'm looking to be certified in the fall some time. I have been comparing guns for awhile now and it's very difficult to choose not having fired many different types, nor actually carried on person. Also not having the money to just buy anything. I currently own a s&w sigma 9 mm. It seems a bit bulky to carry in the summer time. Any educated suggestions?

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I just got my concealed carry permit and I too have been dling alot of "looking." I've only shot a few different hand guns in my years, mostly the 1911 in the Marines. I've narrowed it down to a few; the Beretta PX4 sub-compact, and the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact (both in .40cal) I've been able to handle the smith and also the full size beretta. I had a hard time reaching the safety on the large beretta, hopefully the sub would alieviate that issue. The smith just felt good all the way around.

...any thoughts on those two?


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Newbie, first decide what size gun you want to carry, what caliber, how many rounds, doa or sa trigger, safety or no safety. Find a gun which fits your hand. If there's a range near you that rent guns, rent a few to get the feel. Don't be to cheap, there are many good guns in your price range. Ruger, SigSauer, S&W, and many others have decent guns in the $450 range. Like you, I have a Smith-Wesson Sigma 9mm, however, I usually carry a p250 by SigSauer in 9mm - 15 plus 1 rounds, or a Taurus p709 also in 9mm - 7 plus 1 rounds. One is a compact and the other is a sub-compact. Once in a while I'll carry a SigSauer p226 which is full sized. Which gun gets carried depends on my clothing for that day, Full sized usually with a jacket of over sized shirt, compact with regular shirt, and sub compact with a t shirt or other summer wear.
So check out your different options, you'll find a gun that suits your needs. Just make sure, what ever gun you choose PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and ALWAYS CARRY.

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