New Yorkers and 2nd Amendment Foundation take a serious blow to their class action su


"New York courts have interpreted "proper cause" as having a "special need for self-protection" as compared to the general population."

Article is misleading. The courts have determined that other uses also constitute proper cause. These included hunting, fishing, camping, sport, target, etc.

Unfortunately for Westchester residents, other neighboring county residents are free to carry a concealed weapon in Westchester county. So if you live there you can't carry while surrounding county residents are carrying in your county. This fact renders the judges opinions on the subject moot.


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My bet is the SAF will appeal.

" An affidavit also said that the "majority of criminal homicides and other serious crimes are committed by individuals who have not been convicted of a felony and would receive permits to carry concealed weapons without the 'proper cause' requirement."" - Where is the proof for this statement?

The case is not dead yet.

The case can be followed at Case docket: Kachalsky et al v. Cacace et al


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It does not help the Bloomberg and his ilk are big supporters of anti-gun causes and crusades. And years of liberal indoctrination in NY schools has had a profound effect on young folks attitudes that do not live in rural communities where folks still hunt and enjoy shooting sports in addition to self defense concerns.
I wish NYC would become its own state and leave the rest of the state alone. If wishes were horses and all.........


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I live in Orange County NY, work all over lower NY State and will be all over Westchester tommorow packing my .45 legally, Where is the sense in that?? These are obviously Obama's and Blooming idiots minions. I gots a plan.... Westchester is not NYC. I can't pack there, no one can except celebs and minions of the Blooming idiot.

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