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Hello everyone,
I've never owned a gun but have been to range 1-2 times and now my boss wants to sell me his Ruger P95DC for $225. How would you rate this gun and pros/cons of having a decocker.


Good gun.

I have one, I like it. It eats anything I care to feed it. Not a tack driver, but not bad. It is too big for most people to conceal, but I have done it with a good holster and a sweatshirt. Mags are easy to find and ruger will fix the gun as long as you didn't modify it.
Makes a good house/range gun. Very little recoil.
If someone offered me another one for that price, it would come home with me. I paid $400 for mine back in 1998.

the ruger is a nice firearm. i bought mine for $310. same one sells anywhere from $280-410. great gun. will eat any ammo you buy. it's a heavier gun, but i carry mine with a UTG shoulder holster during the cold times.

if that offer was on the table for me, i'd have me another anytime.

the decocker is a great option, just make sure when you use it, you still point it in a safe direction.

all in all, if it's your first gun, definitely a good choice
nice gun, nice price. i love my P93DC which i've had for years & will never sell. it may be hard to appreciate the decocker if your not very familar with guns, but its a great feature.

you might want to consider Link Removed if you get it.
The P95DC is great gun. I had one and loved it. I carried it on duty as a security officer for a couple of years. If I had the chance to get another one I would in a heartbeat especially for that price. As others have said it is alittle heavier than most of the new pistols out today. A friend of mine was talking crap about the 9mm until I took him to the range with my P95DC and he shut up after that and wanted to buy it from me. I sold it to him because I needed money at the time and I wish I wouldve kept it now. But I say if you can get one for $225 take it. As already been said it is a great gun.
had mine about 6 months p95dc love it.It is a little heavier than my old smith but shoots much better.
Ruger is the Chevrolet of guns. I've never heard any serious complaints about their pistols, except for the SR9 recall a while back, but it seems Ruger handled that just as well as they handle any other rare problems with their products. Looks like a nice gun for a nice price.
I have a regular P95. (Manual safety instead of the decocker.) It's an older model without the picatinny rail. I got it with three mags for $220. (Also second hand)

Reliable and simple.

My only complaint is that it's so huge. It'll print through a winter coat
had one years ago, fed enything I put through it. Just couldn't hit squat with it...and like previously mentioned very bulky pistol...
My girlfriend carries the P-95. She likes it and can handle it well. And for printing, I don't know what to say, I can hide it just fine
I have a P95 DC , and it eats anything I put in it. It fires Black Talon 147GR. SXTs like .22cals. I have no problems hitting what I aim at. Reliable and tough.:pleasantry: Don't pass up a good buy like that, I would own two If it were me given your shot at it. No pun intended.
I have had my 95dc for a few years and haven't had any problems with it. I have bought and sold a few other 9mm since I got it and have sold all of them but I just can't part with it. Out of all of them it has been the most dependable. Ya it is not that easy to conceal in the summer sometimes if I don't want to wear a large shirt but in the fall and winter it is no problem. For that price I would get it.
Re: P95dc

I had one and like another poster carried it on duty as an armed security Agent, overall good weapon and the price you were quoted is good too. Now the only problem I had with it is when I got it I was shooting left-handed and didn't have too much trouble, but when I switched to right-handed I noticed that the grip was fat and my thumb was too short to work any of the controls without adjusting my grip drastically. Just one more thing for you to consider. Also if you do buy it, I recommend the Houge Slipon Grip it makes it easier to hold on to the weapon when your hands get wet.
P95DC is one of the two guns I recommend as a first gun...In good condition and with nothing with it but one mag $250 is a good price around here...$300 is probably a more average number.


I just saw how old the OP is...
Just bought one!

Yeah, I know...reviving an old thread...

Anyway, I just bought one of these for $250 used, as a training gun for my one-on-one sessions. When I broke it down I noticed that the rail upon which the slide rides is polymer. (As opposed to my M&P 45 which has steel rails.) Has anyone had a problem with the rail wearing down from heavy use?

Other than that, it feels nice and chunky, and I'm looking forward to getting it to the range. It's good to hear such positive reviews from other owners.

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