New way to bring gun into jail

Figured before I clicked on the link that it would be a NAA .22 Mini. I have further comments, but will keep them to myself. :biggrin:
This isn't anything new, in MP school training for correctional specialist in 1968 we saw a film of this same thing, young lady had a .25 auto in her privates. Also famous place for dope packed in several condoms. You never know what you might find in there......
This is nothing new, in my years as a trauma nurse in major Northern California Trauma Centers we'd routinely recover drugs, glass crack pipes, and once a rather large key ring set from women who used their vaginas as a stash repository. Never encountered a weapon, but women on the street and in the "life" knew the routine. On the other hand, there was an entirely different category of "rectal foreign bodies" in our practice that mainly involved men and would amaze you with the non anatomical appropriateness of that practice. More facts and stories for a vastly different post.

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