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Ok,I decided I needed a different pistol,one that would use any type of ammo.So I got an XD40.I think it's the service model.
I read the owner's manual,and it had a section about aiming and such.It said that at 25 yards the bullet should strike the tardet where you aim.That,however,didn't happen.At first I was using cheap flat nose ammo.It was all over the target and way to the left.Then I put sone Remington JHP rounds.It went considerable better,but was still quite a bit to the left.I got to about 15 feet and it was STILL to the left,though the groups were better.I will mention that there was about a 15 MPH wind,but I didn't think that it would affect a 180 grn. bullet that much at that short range.This was the first time I had used the pistol.

You might want to put a few more boxes of ammo through the gun. Some guns need to be "broken in". Another option is to use a lighter weight bullet. The higher velocity may help with accuracy.

I have an XD9 4" and it's pretty nasty. I can punch out a whole 10 ring in 5 rounds at 7 yards. Not much different at 15 yards and my boy has the compact XD40 and can perform surgery with the damn thing.

Send it to Springfield after you have the sights checked. (Assuming they
re off)
Took my XD9 subcompact to the range today and was extremely accurate witih it at 20 ft. I was shooting low and left for the first few hundred rounds I ran through it. I suspect it was just me getting used to it though.
My XD40 shoots one ragged hole at those distances. It has done so since day 1. Hopefully yours will improve.
Thanks for the info,guys.
I'll put a few more rounds through it and do some more checking.
By the way,I'll need a CC holster for it,now.Any suggestions?
You're in luck. Everyone makes holsters for this gun. In the synthetic department, I have a Fobus and an Uncle Mikes and they both work well. The holster that comes with it isn't too bad, but I'm a lefty. What I really want is a Bob Mernickle leather holster for it.
Blade-Tech IWB (Ultimate Concealment Holster)

This works extremely well for me.
Try it you will like it.

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You may try comp-tec I have one of there holsters for my M&P and my Kimber and both work very well for me.
Hey,thanks guys.You all are alot of help.
Where were those posts about rolling your own?I might check those out too.Those were in concealed carry gear,right?
The wind didn't make the bullets go left it may have made you sway a little.
First i've heard of the XD not being a good shooter.

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