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Hello all :)
I have a question if you don't mind me asking. If its been asked before or is in another thread I'm sorry for the repeat.
Since i am only 18 and live in California, I know that I am not legally aloud to purchase a handgun here in California, from a FFL service, but it is legal to receive and have ownership of a gun from a relative. My question is, if i am legally aloud to UOC, other than in prohibited areas, am i aloud to UOC a firearm while in a vehicle? My only source of transportation is a motorcycle, fun, but not always practical and i know for a fact that UOC while riding will catch LEO attention. I ask because i would rather open carry my firearm in a vehicle(usually my bike) without breaking any laws. I also understand that if I was to transport my firearm in a locked container that it can only be to and from certain places, hence, going out and about my usual day I wont be able to take my firearm with me. Its very difficult to attain a CCW permit if I live in Cali. let alone the fact I'm not legally aged to own a CCW.

Any thoughts or opinions will be GREATLY appreciated! :biggrin:

I don't have any answers for you either, but your questions might get more response if this was posted in the general discussion area. You can ask a mod to move it.

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