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i went to map that shows states and i clicked in michigan my home state, it came up with alot of states deep blue, does that mean i can legally cross my state line and carry my pistol concealed with my ccw permit

Welcome to the forum! Yes, that's what the blue means. Remember, you must comply with each states laws concerning CC.
Nice Old Duster, Mine was a '71 340 Wedge... Welcome aboard, RedHat is correct, Pay attention to the laws in each state, Each time I head out, I check the State sites again.
Yeah I agree with everybody else on this one. Just remember though you are bound by the laws of the state you are in at the time. So always keep up on that info when you are out of your home state.

Michigan appears to have one of the highest levels of reciprocation of all the states. I wish they issued their carry permits to non residents!

Oregon doesn’t honor anybody’s permits so the number of other states reciprocating is very low. It sucks. :angry: I’m jealous! :sarcastic:
Yes, you can cross state lines, but remember that if you are passing through a non-reciprocal state you must transport in accordance with the Firearms Owners Protection Act: US CODE: Title 18,926A. Interstate transportation of firearms

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