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Not sure this is the right place maybe it'll be moved if not.

Just acquired my "Alabama Pistol Permit" today, been reading posts here for a while, but just made an account to say hi and ask if anyone has any specific advise, things you learned in your first year carrying in Alabama.

I can't answer about CCWing in Alabama, but I can tell you First off Congrads on deciding to CCW, Welcome to our Forum.The best advise I can give you, Is to remember the best weapon you can carry, and use is your Brain (mind) Always use sound Judgement.Always try your best to Avoid Trouble. Carrying an weapon is a great Responcibility. It's not something to be taken lightly besides that, be safe and once again welcome to CCWing and USACARRY
Well, I don't really intend to carry right now, I only recently purchased a pistol, and while I've been shooting long guns for most of my life, I'm23 (as of today), I don't have much experience with handguns, and I want to be much more comfortable with the weapon, my ability to hit what I'm aiming at with a short barrel, and my ability to comfortably and quickly get the weapon from concealed to in my hand and properly aimed. Basically I don't intend to carry until I'm sure that if in the unfortunate event that it becomes necessary to use the weapon I'm not more of a liability than a help. Safety first, right?
Yes,Safety Always comes First.Happy Birthday to you!! The best way to get Comfortable, or experienced is to dive right in.I starting CCW when I was 21 when my Dad took me downtown to the County Building to get my Pistol Permit, and I haven't missed a day of CCWing in 26 years I had the great pleasure of taking my son on April 19,2011 down to the same County Building to Apply for his permit.I think the lady that took care of my son, Was the same lady who took care of me.She was old back then, now she is older than dirt LOL Anyways best thing you can do. #1 Start small carry around your house #2 carry on trips to store, gas station etc.#3 By this point you should be comfortable enough to Carry all the time.Dont wait until something happens, or it's too late.
Happy Birthday

Great advice so far.
You are very wise to put safety first. If you haven't already, read Alabama's laws on this web site.
The county sherrif can add additional restrictions to carrying, so check that out!
Where are you in Alabama, Laithe? I'm near Warrior.

You're right to become proficient with your carry gun. I'm lucky to have a virtually private outdoor range 5 minutes away.

Also think in terms of the best way to carry your firearm. I used a belt pack for a while but, after thinking I wouldn't like IWB, got a Supertuck and love it. Have you decided on your carry gun? If not, think about it carefully. There are so many factors to consider.

I try to carry everywhere, even if it's a bit inconvenient sometimes. Maybe that's going overboard, but I don't ever want to need my gun and then not have it. Advice from some old-time guys around here, and it makes sense to me.

Glad to have you on the forum.
I'm in the Damascus community, out side Greenville. Plenty of land and lots of red mud, so i have an actual private range setup with a red mud wall as a back drop.

as far as a carry weapon I haven't picked anything yet, what i have now is a Hi-point C9 (9mm) and i just imagine I'll catch some crap for admitting that. But i want an American made weapon, and I've always liked my uncle's hi-point .380. plus it was the right price. Also as much as i like the gun, it doesn't conceal easily.
Went through Greenville in April, just before the tornadoes, on our way to Dauphin Island. You have plenty of beautiful space around there for a range.

By all means keep your Hi-Point, Laithe, but as a carry gun, it is in my opinion suspect. Hi-Points are not famous for reliability, and if there's one firearm in your collection that absolutely cannot fail, it's your carry gun. This is why some knowledgeable people, even those who own several fine semiautos, carry a revolver, "primitive" as it may be. (I know that some criminals prefer revolvers, too, but for another reason.)

I'm not saying I have all the answers for which gun to carry. You have to consider so many factors specific to your individual needs and situation. Is one particular caliber universally "best"? Does that new gun that everybody is raving about actually feel comfortable in your hand? Is there a chance in a million that, given your lifestyle, you'll ever have to empty a 15-round magazine against multiple opposition?

As far as Made in USA goes, firearms are among the few products where a decent selection still applies.
Welcome Laithe! I'm a couple of counties to the east of you.

Defender829 nailed the best advice on permits. Know the AL laws but read the back of your permit because your county Sheriff can add most any restriction he wants to for your area. Most are sensible, but make sure you're aware of your county.
In Alabama it is pretty easy to ccw but like everybody has said know Ur laws I live in chilton co. so my laws in this county may be a little different so also be aware of that fact if you plan to travel outside of your county .. as far as the weapon selection is concerned I personally carry a .38 +p it is small enough to carry comfortably in the waist band and is extremely reliable but the choice is all up to you , just make sure you practice , most incidents occur with in 20 feet so that's a good distance to start
Welcome. Congrads on ur CCW. And Happy Bday. This is how I rank my "rules for Carry" again its only how I go, take for a gain of salt.
Using your head is #1.
Safety is #2 (if u use ur head safety is natural hence that order)
Knowing your State and Local Laws is #3
The 3 P's - practice, persistent, perficient is #4(range time, outfit choice and so on)
Know your physical and mental limits #5(this comes by rule 4)
Situational awareness and surroundings is #6
When all else falls, refer to rule #1
...any questions. Haha

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