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I am starting over from scratch and i want to get a gun box that i can access quickly.

Was looking at the Sentry Safe X105 @ $100 at homedepot

Anyone think i can do better than this?

I am staying away from the fingerprint safes, i just want a keypad.

Bonus would be

-AC Adapter
-Mounting hardware included
-Hard to break into

Budget $100-160 ? or so

I have Link Removed safe. It is large enough for my needs, but doesn't have any means for being secured. I paid $79.99 at Sportsman Warehouse.
Okay after going to every store i could think of and had time to go to i got a safe. I went to walmart, target, bestbuy, lowes, homedepot, meijer and i ended up finding a hell of a deal.

I got a Honeywell 2087D waterproof, fireproof safe for $140 at my local Meijer

This was a heck of a deal, this is a $200 safe cheapeast on the net without shipping, someplaces charge $300+

Its huge and was a beast to carry. Weighs about 80 pounds. Found just what i was looking for and then some for under budget.

Just wish it had an ac adapter.

Here it is $285 @

Link Removed
I have the same safe in my home office. I purchased mine in 2008 during a Christmas sale. So far no problems. The only thing I did was replace the shelf liners with ones of better quality and installed one of those battery operated LED lights that turn on when you open the door. My safe is on the bottom of a shelf near my desk and that location made it difficult to see items in the safe.
Well after going through the manual procedure the damn electronic lock seems to be defective.

Can't get it to click at all using the factory code or trying to reset it and use my own. It just won't click. I even fiddled with the key and different unlocking positions to try to get the electronic lock to kick in.

Going to have to exchange it for another one tomorrow.

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