New terrorist torture/self defense option


Titles are un-American.
The Israelis could broadcast this at high volume into Gaza, and their enemies would just give up. For determined enemy combatants, strap them to a chair in front of a screen and roll this over and over. How many seconds would it take them to fold? Probably better than waterboarding. This has got to be an alien wearing a human suit.

As a side note, this is apparently one of those things that's become an instant craze sweeping the internet for some reason. She's #2 most subscribed on Youtube in January, and the videos have been remixed thousands of times. This definitely gives one pause.

Unearthly annoying video

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Her alone could incite a world terrorist attack on the United States. After seeing this the retaliation factor would be off the charts. If obama see's this he will hire her for some diplomatic position somewhere. Now i have to re-paint my room here. She melted the paint right off the walls. Plus my dogs all 3 of them need psychiatric help after hearing that.
Please tell me she does more than talk. About 45 sec was all I could take. :to_pick_ones_nose3::bad:
I think if I were surrounded by hostiles and barely hanging on the only thing that prolly would make me throw my arms up, break out the white flag and gladly walk into a POW camp/or worse is if they started in with 'The Village People' followed by 'Culture Club' 'YMCA' & 'Do U really want to love me', 24/7 feeds thru bunker busting megaphones. Screw orders never to surrender, there are parts of the Geneva Convention that cover inflicting cruel and unusual torture on troops to break their will and fry their minds. Beheading can't be that bad once they hack thru my spine!:shout:

AGGGG high pitched squeaky voice, annoying into self with way too much eye makeup little girl, she could be real cute if she just could learn to shut up...
New terrorist

I am with you, Sheldon. After about 40 seconds, I had this overpowering urge to reach through the screen and strangle her.
You know, this is a fine example of the under developed pre-frontal cortex found in teenagers. It is the last part of the brain to develop.
Since I only have the dreaded "dial up service", I didn't want to wait 11 hours for it to download. But I can't imagine that it could be any worse for our 'Gitmo Guests' than donning Rosie O'Donnel masks and and singing "We Are The World", while putting rose shears to their genitals.
I don't intend to appear as strictly a "NUKE 'EM" kinda guy. But they deserve it. A report in the local Las Vegas rag yesterday stated that roughly 75% of the released detainees went back to their day jobs . . . being terrorists.
Kill or capture all the a......s who want to destroy you, me and anyone else who happens to love our country and I'll chip in for the cost.
wow... so my IQ has dropped by at least half by watching that... so like seriously.. thanks for the post... going to go bang my head on a wall now for a few minutes.

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