New technology violates privacy?


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I can see a great benefit here, but at what cost to freedom? Imaging if they tweek the software to identify gun owners or CCW permit holders?

Just runnin' it up the flag pole......jury is still out in my mind.

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Sorry to break it to you......

We are already using this system in the U.S. In fact, when I was an LEO, we trained on this system. I never used it my department, but I did use it once during a ride along in Philadelphia.

I think that the big difference between us and the Canucks is the fact that there is considerably less cooperation between the states here than in the maple Leaf lands. The real magic is in the database, and we just don't have that here. Even so, having it only at the metro level, with only the city database, was extremely convenient for the officers. Unfortunately, after looking at the software, I saw unused "buttons" that screened for many more options than were mentioned in the video. Of course, these options were turned off in the version that we were using, but I think it was telling that they were already there.

If I remember correctly, there were unused "buttons" for Felon, Parolee, Specs (maybe for spectacles, or maybe simply a user defined "special" button), and I do believe that I saw a button marked Permit. Of course, it didn't define what kind of permit.

Here in Connecticut, there is actually a private company utilizing the same system to catch property tax evaders. If they ping your car and you are overdue on your municipal property taxes, they boot or tow your car.
I saw a "working" demo of a very similar system tested except it was utilizing a fixed camera as cars crossed a bridge. During the demo the presenters were particularly excited that the system identified three stolen vehicles during the first fifteen minutes. This scrambled three patrol vehicles to stop these vehicles for verification.

In all three cases it turned out that indeed the plate number the system had captured was listed as a stolen Florida plate, unfortunately none of the three vehicles was carrying a Florida plate ... all out of state plates with the same numbers. The system did not do a good job of recognizing the state of the plate.

A comment from one of the attending police cheifs was about how he could see himself apologizing to the widow after the system reported a vehicle just used in an armed robbery with violence where the driver made a bad move and his men shot him. What if the system had the wrong state and he really wasn't an armed deperado.

The system was shut down from "active" and is now going through more testing and re-evaluation.

I do have to ask: Why do you think they would want to id gun-owners or permit holders ?? Do you really thing tracking LEGAL private guns is that forefront on the minds of law enforcement?
Nothing to worry about folks, the government loves you. This system is used to catch bad people, a police state tyranny could never exist in America.
I'm not one of the black helicopter conspirocy theory crowd, but I just don't trust the government to follow the Constitution.

Good examle mentioned in a prior post.......The Great New Orleans Gun Grab.

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