New student concealed carry gun poll!!!!


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I am not a student...

but I would want my son to be allowed to carry. He just turned 18 and is finishing his first yr in college after being home schooled his whole life. Just let me say it is scary as a mom with all those shootings out there. Why can't out children defend themselves?
Looks like the poll is gone now. Like a good little CNN they don't leave polls up too long if they are not getting the results they want. HAHA

As for why colleges don't want concealed carry. They get their education from hollywood and their anti friends. They don't see using action to stop action as a method. The typical "We believe that adding more guns is not the answer and that in the best interest of our students safety, only trained individuals should be allowed to carry". ARGG. I don't like it. I know that CCW here in Utah does not guarantee that a shooter can be prevented or stopped, but at least there is a chance. Gun free zones are just barrels for fish.

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I could not find the poll also, when the liberal press doesn't see things going their way, they take their toys and go home.

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