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Well, not so new but I think I ran across a good deal on a rifle I've been wanting for some time now. An M1 Carbine. I had a little extra money and found this Postal Meter M1 Carbine for $500.00. I was able to get them to toss in a free case, box of federal soft nose ammo, and a hour lane rental also. So far the gun seems to be in decent shape and I think I go a pretty good deal. What do you all think?




Nice find. I have one of the "enforcer" models. You know the one that was cut down into a pistol. I would not mind adding a full length carbine to go with it.
I gave it a detailed cleaning last night and the bolt, firing pin, gas piston, ect all checked out ok. I ran some bore foam through the barrel a few time and scrubbed but the bore is not as good a shape as I hoped. The rifling is there but there's really no distinct edge between the lands and grooves. Also, when I was removing the action from the stock I was hold the receiver near the rear sight and the rear sight started sliding around. The dovetail on the receiver looks like its been warn or chipped or maybe even cut. If you slide the sight all the way to one side it will snug up. I'll try and get some pictures tonight and post. See what you guys think. I'm hoping I can fix it without to mush of an issue.

Thanks guys
You might want to have a Gunsmith gauge the barrel and chamber just to make sure its in tolerance. You probably can get it check for a few dollars.

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