New NM Resident - Transfer FL CCW to NM CHC License?


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I'm hearing different information regarding my very common situation. I relocated here from Florida in January. I have a concealed carry license from Florida but have now established residency in New Mexico. My understanding is that reciprocity kind of stops once I become a NM resident. And the state of NM really wants a NM resident to have a license issued by NM.

So I'm hearing that I either need to A) start from scratch, do the two day training, qualify on a caliber, and apply for a new license, or B) apply to have my FL CCW transferred into a NM CHC license. A licensed firearms instructor told me about option B.

I can't find any information on the state website (shocking, I know) about having an out of state license converted to a NM license. Does anyone have experience with this?

Edit: I've been talking to a firearms instructor about this and he just told me today this is a new thing for New Mexico as of January. He's doing a bit more digging and will get back to me. I was wondering why there is no information on the NM state website regarding an out of state license transfer. Maybe that's why.
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