New Military Shotgun

Don't you want one?:

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VERY nice. YES I DO WANT ONE! No major recoil at all. You would think something like that will bounce you back big time. I'm sure that was one of the changes made so our Military can have fun with this toy (looks for Evil Smiley to insert here). I like the part on just holding the barrell out and shooting off some nice War heads in a room. I do not know much on Military weapon's, but I'm sure this weapon helps out big time for them.
AWESOME! I want 1, no make that a case of 'em,
the AA12/300rpm, 175-meter Frag 12 shells! 120rpm! Get some!
This should B classified as a WMD.v :shout:


Easy now Canis. Classify it as a WMD and I'd have to agree with making it illegal for civilian possession.:wink:
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I saw this the other day..........and hell-ya I'll take a dozen.
what WMD......there werent any, remember:pleasantry:
Aside from the fact that it's been around for years, the video has been posted on every gun forum multiple times, and you can't have one unless you're one of the specially licensed or military, it's ok.

I wonder how many of those who drool over it would like to use one in defense of their home; how many would seriously consider this for SHTF given the weight of ammo?

Without a military / police supply line I think it is of limited utility...:big_boss:

lets see.....frag shells $621 apiece x 12 in a box=$7452 a box....ehh Wal-Mart would have to get $8ooo per box to make a profit...and excluding all the states whose stores won't carry them, that only leaves Arkansas and since nobody goes there shelf longevity would be less than a month.:shout:
Man! This is cool. Even if I can't get one, I want some of those new rounds.

Makes me sorry now I just ordered my xmas present last night:

A VangComp Mossberg 590A1. I won't get it till mid-Jan, but I can't wait. See it here:
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