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Use this thread to introduce yourself instead of creating a new thread. This cuts down on the amount of "welcome" threads showing up in the forums. That said. Welcome to the forums!

Hello from upstate South Carolina. I’ve been carrying concealed for 15 years. I’m happy to share what I know. But with that said, I don’t know everything. I’m still learning, still have questions and I’m always happy to hear someone else’s opinion, it might change mine.
I just signed up. I live in south-east Michigan and have had my CCW for about four years. I just posted a question about using red-dot sights.
FNG from California, and no, California is not a communist state, and no I don't feel oppressed:)
Hello, new member getting back into the forum scene, and I enjoy discussing gun related topics with like minded individuals. I think the writing is on the wall regarding anything gun related on the popular social media platforms. Respectfully though, it doesn't seem like there's much activity going on. Hopefully that changes. Thanks for having me.
NJ a demonRat shithole - BUT we won CWP and made the d-rats piss themselves crybabying about our win over their tyranny.

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