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Howdy Y'all New member here from Florida.

I have been carryin' cincealed for 8+ years now & have not had to use it its a real comfort & a added repsonsibility but Its the Real American Xpress card I never like to leave home with out it.

I am in my mid forty's & a google search of my user name will show I am a classic car nut & tool aholic.

I don't get out & about often & hardly ever leave the state but I will be going from florida to Penn for a extended stay to help out my mom.

I will be driving my truck so my basic question & I figure its not a simple one is...

What do I need to know about traveling thru them states?

Please forgive me if I do not respond right away I have been in a battle with my PC.:sarcastic:

Thanks you all in advance for your responce.

AKA; Slowride66

you can look at the map on the website that gives you an idea to where your permit is reciprocal or recognized. I know florida and VA have a reciprocal relationship, and all the states on the way down TO florida have a reciprocal relationship except for Georgia. In GA i would recommend unloading your firearm and keeping the gun in a case with the ammo in the trunk, thats generally the requirements for transporting a firearm. maryland is one of the harshest states for firearms laws and i would keep to the transportation scheme in that state as well. also double check bc im not aware about any restrictions for the type of ammo allowed in MA but i know in NJ hollow point bullets are illegal. use the tools on this page and you should be good. have a safe drive!:biggrin:
If you have a Florida resident permit you're good all the way except for Maryland. Here in Georgia you should have no problems. If you don't have a permit the best thing to do is keep the gun locked up in the trunk. Have a good trip.
Driving North

Your permit is good in every state but Maryland. If you are going to western PA -or can use I-79 to get to where you want to go - go through West Virginia - no problems there.

Check Link Removed for where you can carry, and deadly force rules. Keep in mind that not all states - including PA - have the Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine rules. Virginia requires that you open carry if you eat in a place where alcohol is served (that is true even if you have a permit).
Two things:
Why do people keep saying that Georgia doesn't recognize Florida's CWL? Every map or list I can find says they recognize both the Resident and Non-Resident permits.

Why do people keep sending folks to other sites for information when that information is available on this website? ( BTW, LukeM, thanks for all your effort.

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