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Hello one and all. Max aka PIG USMC here in wet and rainy Roanoke Virginia.

Welcome from Tampa Bay, Floriduh...

I was in your neck of the woods for about a week in June on a Motorcycle ride in the Natural Bridge area.

Oh, and Thank You for your service.!!!
Thanks All,
and Semper Fi right back at ya ricbak.

Sorry I started a new thread, didn't see a new members thread last night.

HootmonSccy I hope you enjoyed the ride. I live in an upper valley just below the parkway (Franklin County). The riding here is fantastic. Just have to avoid the deer, which unfortunately I was unable to do about a month ago. 45 MPH in a sweeper. The buck t-boned me right behind the front tire. Bike should be ready for the Toys for Tots ride.

Take care all, Max
Welcome PigUSMC from the Outback (ND)!

Yeah, we ride out here, too, but it's over for the season, now! (snow yesterday, last nite). Born and raised in Maryland and I miss the countryside but not the politics!

Great to see all the Marines in here. We have not lost our original commitment and our dedication to our country.
Welcome aboard

from NW Ohio and Sa Diego Ca. I have homes and bikes in each. Unfotunately only allowed to carry in Ohio.
Thanks MufDady. I'd love to visit, but it appears that my bike isn't welcome there anymore:) Semper Fi back at ya.

1st Sgt. Thanks for the welcome. Born in Tucson and lived for many years in Sierra Vista as a child. Love your neck of the woods. Used to camp a lot in the white mountains and the Big Res!
Thanks Oldvet53, welcome
It appears that we are both on thin ice (my fault) I missed the fact there is a new members thread and posted a new new members. The admins may want to move this to the correct location.

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